A Kafkaesque nightmare

A Kafkaesque nightmare


Last week I wrote about my woes with banking and specifically with amazon.com and I gave the opinion that things are breaking down everywhere because of the COVID pandemic.

That has been further confirmed to me this past few days as everybody BUT EVERYBODY is now working from home and systems cannot cope.

I have been in discussion for some time about migrating my blog, posted here, over to WordPress so that I can actually own the content which may give some protection to being taken down.

A few days ago I decided to take the plunge and registered with a hosting company called Bluehost where I registered a domain name seemorerocks.org

The first problem came when I tried to go into my new site.

Somehow, I managed to stumble onto it on ONE browser but could not replicate this.

I started playing around getting familiar with the site and how to use it, learning how to import photos and embed videos – in short, to do everything I do here.

I managed to publish a couple of items experimentally and then it came to a full stop and I got an error message repeatedly. A You Tube video helpfully told me that I would need to use a plug-in for “Classic Editor” and that solved that particular problem but told me that their new system “Gutenberg” does not function and I would have to go back to the tried- and-tested.

Now, I managed to post a couple of items, but when I tried to open the particular document I got a “cannot open the URL” message.

But the biggest problem is that my efforts to import my stuff from Blogger has till now failed.  

First, I had to upgrade to a more expensive account so I could store the greater amount of data.  When I try the upload the browser just keeps crashing. It turns out that, in addition to upping the limit on file on Bluehost I had to increase the limit on WordPress, something that was kept quiet in all previous interactions.

So, I am having one more attempt.

If it is successful,I will have something to build on.

If it fails yet again that will be the end of my experiment and I will stick with Blogger until at some stage they might pull the plug and destroy ten years of work.

2 thoughts on “A Kafkaesque nightmare

  1. Bluehost was the worse hosting experience I ever had. See if you can find something local. I did learn something from the experience. I learned that if you cannot get someone on a support telephone call… then walk away.

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