A leaked conversation about Georgia electoral FRAUD

A leaked conversation about Georgia electoral FRAUD

The continuing information war…


 I have little time or inclination to go very deep into this, so will provide an equally-partisan version.

Right now, as it stands it is enough to know that the Washington Post provided only edited highlights of the conversation.

The discussion is provided below.

Raffensperger’s Team Leaks President Trump’s Saturday Call to Fake News WaPo — Tells You Everything About the Dirty Georgia Leadership

Gateway Pundit,

3 January, 2021

The travesty in Georgia continues.

President Trump held a one-hour long phone call on Saturday with crooked Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and state election officials on the 2020 election in his state that was wrought with fraud.

It’s not clear if Ruby Freeman or Ralph Jones, Sr. were on the call.

In the one-hour phone call on Saturday, President Trump insisted he won the state and threatened vague legal consequences.

Raffensperger’s team leaked the call to the far left Washington Post.
It took 24 hours for the Washington Post to publish this trash.

Trump is right. The liberal media has NO INTEREST in reporting the truth to the American people. And the Washington Post has no interest in investigating the massive amount of fraud uncovered in Georgia the past two months.

Of course, the WaPo only released the selective edits. It’s who they are.

Here is the audio from the call.


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