2 thoughts on “A look at Arctic ice – early July, 2022

  1. I’ve been watching the “Ice Volume” on “D.M.I. modeled ice thickness.” Also air temps. using “Earth Nullschool.” Over the years.
    It looks terrible. It’s been raining at the geophysical North pole fairly often.
    The NASA photos on EOSDIS clearly show continued ice loss over the years.

    I really like Margo’s videos using the US Navy GLB. It seems to be closer to NASA photos. I don’t use YT much, It’s nice to watch Margo again.

    The Danish model has been changing the median years. It used to be 2001-current, now 04-current.
    They’ve also changed the colour gradient, to hide ice loss. Though other’s have changed their colour gradient as well.

    It’s pretty obvious, to anyone doing long-term studies with the DMI. They’re getting fudged results.

    Although it’s all “modeling.” Don’t they use satellites to “scan” and measure the thickness with lasers or R.F. or whatever? It’s probably “Worse than we thought.”

    Those feedback loops eh?

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