A notice

A notice

I have gone underground for a few days to look after myself and also to work on an article distilling some of what David Icke has to say in his latest book, the Trap. Writing has not come easy.

Hopefully, I should have things completed by the end of tomorrow.

Right now, I can say that energetically I am undergoing a disengagement from the ‘news’ in favour of battening down the hatches to prepare spiritually (that’s all I’m capable of) to prepare for what I think is coming.

I don’t think that being stuck down here in Jacinda Adern’s nasty little, fascist islands is going to ameliorate anything.

7 thoughts on “A notice

  1. Dear Robin,
    Sending prayers for your strength and grateful thanks for your valiant efforts throughout this great unravelling. The power of prayer? Ogni pensiero vola.

    ..”All I know is that prayer constructs a velvet bridge
    And walking it we are aloft, as on a springboard,
    Above landscapes the color of ripe gold
    Transformed by a magic stopping of the sun.
    That bridge leads to the shore of Reversal
    Where everything is just the opposite and the word ‘is’
    Unveils a meaning we hardly envisioned.
    Notice: I say we; there, every one, separately,
    Feels compassion for others entangled in the flesh
    And knows that if there is no other shore
    We will walk that aerial bridge all the same.”
    by Czeslaw Milosz

  2. Well said Robin. I am unvaccinated in Trudeau’s Canada. It certainly feels like something big is on the horizon. Your instincts are finley attuned, let us know your intuition. Regards.

  3. Had just finished a long comment, when the page went completely black, crashing out everything. Which was a message telling me to shorten (or write a different version).

    First, am returning after about 3 week’s absence from Robin’s great blog, reading all the headlines from September 21st down, and coming back up to this post on David Icke.

    Where I saw again in his visage what I’d noticed in an older video from a few yrs ago (which took a lot words to describe properly, and won’t repeat here). Just to say, it was something that won’t be seen in another human being, which ‘sign’ my oft-mentioned friend Sol says is an indication of Icke’s uniqueness in being able to hold forth with his special view of life both earthly and universal (notwithstanding a certain amount of embellishing I think he must do to get his points across amongst believers, followers, etc).

    Icke reminded me of 2 books I read, starting about 30 yrs back (which Icke must also have read). One by a trio of authors (Michael Baigent, et al) called, in the US published version, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail,” which talks a lot about “The Protocols of the Elders of Sion.” The other is “The Bloodline of the Holy Grail,” by Laurence Gardner, a work featuring reptilian aliens that have the power to rule Earth.

    Experts (so-called) relegate people like Icke and Gardner to the realm of conspiracy theories. However, there are conspiracy theories, and there are conspiracy theories.

    Icke has the special ability to walk circles around people. Can never be understood by conventional reasoning. It would be best to be centred in the Cosmos.

    This is the only way to remain unaffected by our crazy times (which is becoming crazier by the hour). The other day Biden told us the pandemic is over; people are no longer wearing masks. In response Dr Fauci says it’s not over (and more variants are on the way). Then there are those (other experts) who declare there is/was no pandemic.

    People I personally know, and some all my life, have a different story. The Canadian health system is in the process of crashing (and the government has advertised outside of the country for nurses to cover the mass shortage). Over a million Canadians are now waiting for cancer surgery; it will take 3 months for anyone to get booked in any case (btw, would those patients appreciate it if their surgeons refused to wear a mask while operating?). Half of the population here has had COVID already. Though the death count has not been high (in my estimation), a good number have aftereffects that are bothering them once the virus itself is gone (such as allergies never before experienced). Those with powerful immune systems can safely ignore the virus, which at worst for them is like getting the common cold.

    Looking forward to seeing rest of video past the first few minutes viewed (yes, long at 2hrs 50mins) and reading what Robin has written.

  4. It is in the Spirit where protection is found.

    Although ultimately, protection is not found really in the body, or on earthly levels, I feel Robin is actually helped when people care for him (because that help comes through their Spirit to bolster his), though he might not be aware of that if he’s suffering. That is to say, otherwise he could be worse off.

  5. Right after my comments above, I went back up to sit through the entire 2-hour-50-plus-minutes of the Brian Rose / David Icke video. Then immediately moved on over to read Robin’s big review of “The Trap” by Icke.

    Following a delay of just over a month, have returned to add these few words before re-reading what Robin wrote ( https://seemorerocks.is/going-down-the-rabbit-hole-and-avoiding-the-trap/ ). Which likely will end with my throwing in my (and friend Sol’s) 4 Cdn cents worth of thoughts, intuitions, whatever.

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