A nuclear false flag planned for Ukraine in early October?

A nuclear false flag planned for Ukraine in early October?

This information came through Hal Turner, but I have managed to trace it back to a German Telegram page and from there to the Russian source.

The National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine and NATO are preparing a nuclear provocation to accuse Russia!

СНБО Украины и НАТО готовят ядерную провокацию для обвинения России!

4 thoughts on “A nuclear false flag planned for Ukraine in early October?

    1. The English Isles were first invaded by Rome around Zero BC… or zero AD, same year I think.
      The French and Germans, known as Saxons, began their invasions in the 5th century AD. This is when the Isles ceased being Anglo and became Anglo-Saxon. Uvflgl knew so much about this, wish he was here to comment.

      1. Mark Twain made a comment about the Anglo-Saxons. Putin used this comment to describe the English speaking nations. Twain knew what Anglo-Saxons meant – it meant the Anglo-Americans. As in Cecil Rhodes’ idea of a new empire based on the English-speaking peoples. You don’t need to know medieval history.

  1. You can’t trust any sources, everyone is lying but you might pick up a few clues. The best thing Russia can do is secure its new borders and prepare to defend them. Then enter into talks with various governments about supplying natural gas at really good rates. Why would NATO have any chance of holding its membership together when everyone’s economies are crashing, when the banks are crashing, when the stock markets crash, when there is no food, no heat, only the prospect of death. The EU has failed. Remember, all of Frances nuclear power plants are targets and only minutes away from Viva la Wasteland…………

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