A personal message

A personal message

Back in February , 2021 I signed up for the services of Orange Website. I brought some important material from my old website, http://robinwestenra.blogspot.co.nz/ (which is still active, by the way).

For almost 2 years I was on the following subscription.


I had a whole lot of stuff on my website and was able to post  2 years of blog entries. By the end of the period I was getting messages that my disk was almost full and so when time came to resubscribe I paid to upgrade to the gold plan, which has twice the storage that the Silver plan has.

When I thought I was out of the clear and that I would be able to blog without any problem within 3 weeks I got the following message:

Note, the silver plan which has 3 gB of storage lasted me almost 2 years but with the Gold Plan (with 6gB) lasted only 3 weeks until it was ostensibly full.  So, I approached Orange for some help and this was all I got in reply despite explaining the above circumstances.

cPanel comes with tools to help manage your disk usage. Please log in to your cPanel and from there, you can see what is taking your disk storage. Disk storage is taken up by both web files and emails .

Please see attached images. The first image is your email usage. The second image is your disk usage, and it’s sorted in descending order–you can see that your /public_html directory is your largest directory.

Please log in to your cPanel and use File Manager to delete any unwanted files.

I can see that you’re using WordPress CMS for your website. You can also review the following plugins to help with cutting your disk storage usage.
– WP-Optimize – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-optimize/
– LS Cache for WordPress – https://wordpress.org/plugins/litespeed-cache/
– Smush – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-smushit/

With the Gold Plan, you only get 6 GB of web storage. With the Platinum Plan, you get 20 GB, which is more than three times the storage of the Gold Plan.

Many of our clients simply outgrow their plans and eventually transition from the different levels of Shared Hosting onto our Cloud VPS , and larger businesses, may require more storage, bandwidth, etc, which they can customize on our third hosting platform, which is Dedicated Servers .

Your site is steadily growing by 10 MB each month–you can check this by looking at the size of the full backups taken by JetBackup (in your cPanel). If you upgrade to the Platinum plan, you should be okay for a long time.

Here are the details if you upgrade to the Platinum Shared Hosting Plan today; it’s prorated based on the number of days left in your billing cycle:

Days Left on Current Cycle: 293 / 366
Upgrade Total Due: €132.09 EUR

Then, it would be €273.90 EUR annually afterward.

Let us know if you want to upgrade, or wish to free up space on your own. However, I’d first try to reduce disk usage with one of the WordPress plugins I referenced above.

Naturally enough, I am not going to pay to for another more expensive plan 3 months after I paid for another and I no longer have the mental grunt to spend on going through my ‘c-panel’, trying to save space when by rights I SHOULD have plenty of space, (since I just paid for it).

Generally, I find computer geeks impossible to deal with because they jump to an immediate solution before even even hearing me out. The client is unworthy of being listened to.

One example of this is that at one stage my blog stopped working and I was unable to post. I went to my local geek and explained the problem as clearly as I could.  The DEFINITIVE and CATEGORICAL answer came back that this problem was because my disk storage was full I should upgrade to the Gold plan.

I have to point out that the folk at Orange have. been very good to me – prompt and helpful, in contrast to people and organisations in my own country who were rude, unhelpful – and even obstructive, especially during the lockdowns and tyrannical vaccine mandates


I decided it was too early to do that so I did NOTHING and my WordPress came back spontaneously without any action!

So the computer geeks are quick to jump to conclusions without always being correct even if most times their solutions work.

So where am I going with this?

I have had two episodes this year. The first was that I had indirect exposure to someone with “covid-19” and got very sick.

I never recovered from that but a couple of weeks ago I made a very stupid decision to go with Pam to the electronics store where three people were off sick and the person serving us was coughing and spluttering (ironically, because it is no longer mandated, without a mask).

At the time I thought nothing of it and within a short period of time I was was again feeling very unwell.

I came to understand Dr. Buttar’s last comments about “secondary inoculation“,  because I think that is what has happened to me, so that for some time I feel unwell all day, every day and it is an effort to do anything.

I have been getting very clear messages (call it the Holy Spirit or intuition) that the time for me to be there to warn people of what I feel is coming is coming to an end.

I have been doing this every day of my life for over 12 years now and now I am tired.

It is not just that I need “time out” before bouncing back. 

In 12 years I have never “bounced back”.

Anyone who hasn’t got it by now never will.

So, I have decided something that has been coming for some time now – that I am no longer in the business of news. I will still be doing my daily roundup of news on Telegram which can be joined HERE

I will, no doubt have important things to impart and so will be coming onto the blog but not to do roundups of, say, news from Ukraine. For that you can go to Telegram (I have more or less stopped posting onto GETTR as well). These are my intentions listening to some of the some of the clear signals I have been getting.

No doubt, I will relent to some extent according to my available energy, but that’s it for today.


3 thoughts on “A personal message

  1. Hey, I’m a bit of a geek.
    I don’t know if this will help. But HDD’s are really cheap these days.
    I recently bought an 8TB 3.5″ HDD, for a very reasonable price in Canadian Pesos.

    I know this will take time, days. But you could transfer the oldest files from your “collection.” Remove them from the “live” servers, keep whatever/most. Delete some.
    Then you can re-post with a former date using the same amount of storage space on their server. Whenever an old article pops into your head, you can draw it from your local hard drive, back onto the site and include crucial parts in the newest post.

    Don’t worry. Sometimes ISP’s and OS providers are incompetent.
    (For almost a year now. “Activate Windows” has been appearing, I confirm and 2-3 days later it want’s to activate again.)

    I spent 2 hours in vain, trying to make my game-steering-wheel work in 1 game. I used all the “google” results, 3rd party applications, and more tinkering in the device manager. Since I know what I am doing. Still buggy/broken. I gave up!

    Thanks for everything you’ve done. I hope you can continue to use this site to post some information.

    1. Oh and of course, if you do start to remove files/ Save them elsewhere, on a local HDD.
      I would name them by date/topic for easy searching through “Explorer.”
      If you are using Apple or Linux. It should be the same… Locating files by date or keyword.
      ~100-150 bucks for a large HDD or pay more $ for Orange goofery.

      On a different note. My Grandmother, who “had covid” but did not have any injections. Is now suffering from a “Sinus infection.” According to Dr.

      She’s recovered from 2022’s Summer bout with whatever… But her health is wavering back and forth. From normal for a woman of 80+, to gasping for air. (Hypoxia) The Dr.’s are giving some sort of nasal spray and anti-biotics now, instead of Remdesivir.

      “We aim to present the first nasal spray vaccine,” Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank announced earlier this week, while attending the inauguration of Nanografi’s graphene mass-production plant. Yunus Emre Deli, an official from the nanotechnology firm Nanografi that is developing the vaccine, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that research started in February 2020.”

      La Quinta Columna recent microscopic tests show graphene(s) in most if not all injectables. Including dental anesthetics, Ringer’s solution and saline solution.
      Add graphene/nano-tech to the environment/atmosphere/EMF frequencies at special signals, [EX. 26 GHz] acute radiation syndrome and it’s “COVID.”

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