A police psyop?: Nazis march in the streets of Melbourne

A police psyop?: Nazis march in the streets of Melbourne

Women’s rights activists are being equated with neo-Nazis

If I can get the story right a rally of mostly women defending their rights against the onslaught of the Woke agenda being pushed by governments and media encountered a counter-rally of transsexual activists. 

This was the very reasonable message  from the Rally:

Insert into this a group of around a dozen nazis wearing balaclavas and black vests stood in formation while ring-leader Thomas Sewell shouted: ‘Come here you communist faggots!’ who gatecrashed the gathering in “support” of the women (as the media will tell you).

This is being portrayed by the authorities as “just keeping rival groups apart” – as if what we had were two equally violent groups of extremists clashing a similar manner to the communists vs.nazis in Weimar Germany.

I don’t think it was like that. If you think Victorian police (or New Zealand police for that matter) are fair and even-handed I suggest you cast your mind back to 2021 and remind yourself of what Dan Andrews thugs did to peaceful opponents of the lockdowns did.

This is the sort of thing the media is saying:

“Police Association of Victoria secretary Wayne Gatt said officers prevented a fight between rival groups but were powerless to stop the actions of the neo-Nazis.

In response, Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes announced on Monday that the state  would strengthen its anti-vilification laws to ban the Nazi salute”

Confronting moment rival protesters violently clash over trans. rights before unmasked neo-Nazis proudly march through Melbourne saluting Hitler

  • Neo-Nazis performed Hitler salute in front of protestors 
  • Victorian Labor government moved to ban the gesture

However, I think Aussie Cossack has it right when he says the following

“What happened in Melbourne on the 19th of March coincided with rallies around the country in support of protecting children against the harmful ideology of the extreme Woke.

“Now what happened in Melbourne was a government psyop. intended to create optics for those movements, to good public opinion on their side.

“Look at the choreography, look at the police knew exactly what to do. Look everything was organised down to the to the nail”.

If you look at the video footage the police not only allowed the nazis to march but stood between them and the ordinary people.

They protected the Nazis! You can’t tell me the police were just being neutral public servants there to protect the public.

Not when you look at what they did to innocent protesters back in 2021.

Now what is happening is that womens’s rights protesters (slurred as being ‘anti-trans ‘ by the biased media) is that the woman who attended the rally are being associated with nazis by association because they gatecrashed on the affair (as did the ‘counter-demonstration”.

I cannot believe this was not by design to manipulate public opinion.

Now, a Liberal MP, Moira Deeming, who attended the rally is being threatened with expulsion from her party.

There is more than a hint of the created narrative in this report from Australian ABC News.

See how it’s portrayed as an “anti-trans rights rally”

They want to stop aggressive attacks on them and their hard-earned rights and hopefully to keep trans rapists out of women’s changing rooms.

From the UK Daily Mail

Liberal MP Moira Deeming says she will fight moves to oust her from party after attending Melbourne rally

  • Liberal MP Moira Deeming spoke at the rally and says it was “gate-crashed” by the masked neo-Nazis
  • Opposition Leader John Pesutto says Ms Deeming’s position in the Liberal Party is “untenable” 
  • Senior Liberals are questioning Mr Pesutto’s decision, saying it risks alienating some of the party’s base

Victorian MP Moira Deeming has vowed to fight moves to expel her from the parliamentary Liberal Party after her involvement in an anti-trans rights rally attended by neo-Nazis.

Her attendance at Saturday’s rally prompted Opposition Leader John Pesutto to announce plans to expel her from the parliamentary party…..

The Nazi salutes sparked widespread outrage and prompted Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes to announce plans to introduce legislation to ban the gesture.


British activist, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, who was at the rally addresses this here.

Kellie-Jay shames John Pesutto for getting his information from Wikipedia

Has the defence of women and women’s rights become a “far-right” thing? 

The Greens seem to be standing for the radical Woke ideology and everything that comes with it,

Meanwhile in New Zealand….

We seem to be being set up with a similar narrative whereby women’s rights activists are “dangerous” and “far-Right” while the radical trans and Woke agenda are being portrayed as totally innocent and hard-done-by. It’ s the feminist they want to bar from coming coming to the country although last thing I knew Brits have visa-free access. But,Kellie-Jay is being treated as a criminal.

A terrorist perhaps?

Anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull steadfast in coming as Immigration NZ reviews entry

An anti-transgender activist still plans to come to New Zealand despite Prime Minister Chris Hipkins’ comments about Immigration New Zealand’s review of whether she should be allowed in.

British activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, was due to travel to Aotearoa to speak in Auckland and Wellington for her Let Women Speak tour this weekend.

Last week, the self-described women’s rights activist drew protests in Perth and Melbourne, with some people at the events seen giving Nazi salutes and shouting slurs at counter-protesters.

Speaking to the media, Hipkins said he condemned people who used their right to free speech in a way that seeks to deliberately create division.

This, he said, applied to both the anti-transgender rights discussion and Nazi messaging.

‘Stress levels are high’ – Trans Kiwi on Posie Parker rhetoric

Members of New Zealand’s transgender community have expressed concern over the increasing anti-trans rhetoric being expressed overseas, and worry it’s becoming more common here.

“Anybody exercising their right to free speech, whatever the circumstances are, should be mindful that we don’t want to incite hateful behaviour or violence. In fact, it’s illegal to do so, and I think everybody should bear that in mind,” Hipkins said.

“I’m feeling pretty s***, actually. Stress levels are high,” said Spice.

“The worry is that we might start moving backwards, like we’re seeing in other countries like the US.”

The Green Party is calling for Immigration New Zealand to deny Posie Paker entry.

“After what we’ve seen in Australia, I do think we should be acting with urgency to put public safety at the forefront,” said Green Party immigration spokesperson Ricardo Menéndez March.

Here is what Kelly-Jay’s reponse to all of this.


The prime minister talks of womens’ rights activists as “divisive” and “we don’t want that here”. 

But the reality it is the government and media who are being divisive, pitting one race against another, men against women and transsexuals against women (“Turfs”).  I don’t think most fear-minded people (nazis aside) object to most of the LGBQT+, just so long as they don’t infringe on the rights of other groups. 

If I may be permitted to give a theoretical (but clearly, preposterous) situation whereby there are nazis in the country but Jewish groups are excluded as “divisive”

The reality is that these groups are being used by powerful and malign forces for their Transhumanist agenda.  Simply put “transgender is anti-gender”.

I will leave the final word to David Icke.

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