A political arrest in Tauranga, New Zealand

A political arrest in Tauranga, New Zealand

Police enter a restaurant to arrest a woman but refuse to show the arrest warrant

Watch the video HERE

It has to be asked why the police went to arrest a woman in a restaurant and not in her own home.

How did they know she was there?

I have few details of this but am reproducing a comment from Telegram

The NZ Police are in Crisis.

The optics of two masked uniformed men enter a restaurant and place a middle aged woman under arrest citing they have a warrant to arrest her.

But they decline to show her a copy.

Now I am no lawyer but common sense suggests that this is no different to executing a search warrant without showing the subject a copy of that warrant.

The police have rights to arrest without warrant in certain circumstances. But this public humiliation of a member of the public in a public place is shameless and unprofessional.

If the woman had stood her ground she would have been charged with resisting arrest (even though the arrest under warrant may be unlawful in its face).

What happened to Hi ma’am. Are you Ms xxx? Could you step outside for a moment as we need to have a conversation with you.

Dumb dumb and dumber!

I hope we never get to a stage where members of the public will not respond to a lone cop in serious trouble. But that time is coming! There is still time to back away from the brink but it starts from removing incompetent leadership from our institutions.

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