A question

A question

This was among today’s comments.  Can anyone help?

I have a question that I hope you can help me with? I am wondering if someone suffers the consequences of the covid mRNA vaccines, would getting a (private, if there is such a thing?) blood transfusion from the unvaxxed help recover his blood? I’ve seen blood tests for the mRNA vaxxed, and they look bad, the blood is all stuck together!

You see, I’ve been dating a man, that I super care about, that I still haven’t got close with because the covax is a road block for my fear of his shedding, spike protein, herpes, aids, and God know’s what else they did? I worry for his future health implications, kinda like picking someone who already has cancer! He is 62 and was pressured to covax for traveling to work, so far he’s okay, his (2) mRNA shots were about 3 months ago! Hopefully I’m on the right track with the blood help! Thank you very much for your time, I super appreciate your expertise and your opinion! ❤ Leslie in Canada

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  1. He needs to find a physician who does chelation therapy, one who knows about using NAC and colloidial silver therapy.

  2. “They” can get anything they want to into us if they really wanted. Drinking water, food supply, chemtrails, whatever; they could deliver the “vax” using any insane method. But they don’t. Why? Because this thing has to be done voluntarily by people. This voluntary thing is the only way satan can get peopls’ souls, as he cannot outright steal them for we are sovereign. Once you accept the vaxx there is no going back and it has changed you forever. That is why it is voluntary, because you have to voluntarily give up your soul to get it.

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