A response to a blog post

A response to a blog post

In January I wrote the following on the basis of a visit to the medical centre where I worked for ten years. 

I received the following letter from the centre where I have been for the last ten years


The very people who are involved in genocide are worried about patient privacy, all based on a picture which shows patients in the waiting room, none of whom were looking at the camera and wearing face diapers. 

Privacy! I think the time has come to walk away from these people who have been the bane of life for almost the past ten years.  What use is a “medical” centre that has not done anything to help me for ten years and will only tell me to get the death jab?

One thought on “A response to a blog post

  1. Robin, this reminds me of Terry Gilliam’s film “Brazil”. It’s about 30 years now, but very spot on. Highly recommend. Cheers, fieldmaus

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