A second front?

A second front?

U.S. Fomenting “Maiden-Style” Revolution in Country of Georgia. Paying Protesters – Even Ukraine Refugees – To cause “Second War Front” for Russia

The United States is fomenting and facilitating another “color-revolution,” this one in the country of Georgia. Millions of US Dollars are being handed out by the U.S. Embassy to local people for them to protest the Georgia government.  The goal is to cause another “color revolution” and thereby cause a second war front against . . . Russia.

Mass protests are taking place in Georgia after the country’s parliament passed a bill designating non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) and media that receive more than 20% of their funding from abroad as “foreign agents”. The people protesting? The foreign agents.

Strange that __their__new law mimics . . . . U.S. Law . . . .

The Protesters are already starting to get violent.  Below, they’re taking protective barriers OFF THE BUILDING!

You may have noticed quite a bit of ‘blue/yellow’ lot in the crowd there?  Ukraine Refugees!

Another “Maidan”

What is taking place here is another Ukraine-type “revolution” to overthrow the government of Georgia, like the “Maiden” actions inside Ukraine back in 2014.   Another Maidan near Russian borders. Preparing another nation as cannon fodder to fight Russia in the interests of London and Washington.

Even the general public sees what’s going on and isn’t staying quiet about it:

and . . .


As seen on the scalable map below, Georgia is to the south of Russia.   The apparent goal of the US is to cause more war action to split-apart Russian military might, cause them to have to fight on two fronts, and maybe, just maybe, they can “save” Ukraine in the process.

Even Diplomats see what’s going on and are speaking about it publicly:

Is there no end to the trouble that the United States can cause?

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