A story about elderly care in New Zealand in the midst of a plandemic

A story about elderly care in New Zealand in the midst of a plandemic

Just occasionally we hear stories like this. Think how many times this is repeated and how many times the family do not have the resources to resist the depredations of predatory corporations.

NZ nursing home stops cancer 

therapy and sends patient 

home with pneumonia

They then try to extort $80,000 from the family

Pam Crisp

A friend’s mother in her 80s was treated last year in Wgtn hospital for a very rare cancer. Once the op was done it became clear the hospital wasn’t a great place for her to be during recovery, so the family paid for her to go to a costly Rhyman retirement complex where they were assured her needs would be taken care of. 

After a time there The mum decided to sell her house and buy one of the apartments on sale in the complex. All went well and she was still having follow up treatments for the cancer, Then COVID 19 struck and all that changed,  cancer treatments no longer available, and a declining level of care, then concern that the mother had been manhandled on several occasions. It was clear she was not wanted at Rhyman . 

The family were informed that their mother had pneumonia. So out she went. Happily, she was able to lmove in with one of her sons. When the family were moving her out of the Rhymans complex they asked for her diary, to be told by a senior member of the staff that didn’t have it. The family pressed the point…their mum always wrote in her diary, every day……no way would it not have been by her bed, Eventually it was produced, revealing details of the less than satisfactory treatment she had been subjected to by several members of the staff. 

Shortly afterwards their mother decided to sell the apartment and remain with her family. Rhyman Health Care asserted that they would receive around $80,000 less than what they had paid for it not so long ago, on account of “damage”. ….standard practice, we hear, in of these places….. 

Fortunately the family were far too savvy to agree with that and wouldn’t have a bar of it, threatening to take the story to Fair Go. Rhyman Health Care promptly backed down and that was the end of that. The apartment was sold, the mum stayed on happily on with her family, and was able to pay for regular nursing care at home. 

This story had a happy ending. But how many of our elders jend up being ripped off and badly treated in these costly private establishments in their golden years?

See how these predators advertise themselves

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