A warning of the dangers of transitioning

A warning of the dangers of transitioning

Oli London, author of the book ‘Detransition’ joins Chantelle Baker to warn the public of the dangers of transitioning and the wider issues within the trans movement.

Influencer Oli London explains why he detransitioned back to male, blasts ‘hypocritical’ haters

Oli London tells Fox News Digital he’s ‘used to the hypocritical haters’ and revealed the reason for his detransition

YouTuber Oli London is a British influencer, actor and singer who has amassed a huge global following over the last few years. 

He shocked the world on Friday, announcing that he was in the process of detransitioning back to a man after living as a transgender woman for the last six months.

“I am no longer trans and have gone back to living as a man,” he shared on Twitter. “Grateful if everyone could respect my new pronouns- He/Him KOR/EAN. Thank you

His You Tube channel is HERE


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