A World War 3 update

A World War 3 update

As things deteriorate rapidly I am tiring of the Duran etc. analysis, which continues to be good for detailed news of what is happening on the battlefield in Ukraine but forcing me to look elsewhere for the bigger picture that is tainted by a black-white view of a golden age of a multipolar world if only Russia can prevail on the battlefield.
As things look more and more dire this view of things just does not hold water for me; that has become clearer with the Chinese balloon story.
This is what I posted on Facebook:
America good – Russia very, very bad – China good
America good – Russia bad – China bad
Russia good – America bad – China bad
America bad – Russia very good – China very good
All these are permutations of primitive, dualistic thinking.
A meme is never a substitute for analysis
Ridicule is never a substitute for analysis.
Life is more complicated than that
Here is an overview from Canadian Pepper. For what it’s worth, I regard the idea of this balloon being a beta test and a warning from the CCP and it being about an EMP attack on America, quite credible.

ALERT! NATO Attacked? Chinas MARCH 1st DEADLINE, North Korea Nuclear Display in 24 Hours

And from yesterday

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  1. I agree with you.It is time to try to figure out a more comprehensive analysis of the bigger picture.That said,when fog starts to clear little by little,things will get clearer.One thing is certain;we are living in increasingly intersting times.

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