Acapulco, Mexico hit by devastating hurricane

Acapulco, Mexico hit by devastating hurricane

A hurricane devastated Acapulco in Mexico last week.

There has been very little coverage in the media  and it seems the authorities were conspicuous by their absence.

Is this a coverup?

“You Won’t Believe What is Really Happening in Acapulco” | Jeff Berwick Interview

URGENT: Media Blackout, Dire Situation in Acapulco, Mexico Due to Category 5 Hurricane Otis

Please watch, like and share this video. The truth of the situation in Acapulco is being hidden by the government and the media and the situation is dire. If you can donate we have the teams ready to deliver the food, water and supplies needed to help Acapulco.

You can find our GoFundMe page and cryptocurrency donation links at or directly at GoFundMe:

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From a publication I’ve never heard of.

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