Alexander Mercouris: Russia Acts on Ukraine War Threat: Moves Troops to Border

Alexander Mercouris: Russia Acts on Ukraine War Threat: Moves Troops to Border

This is, in my mind, a very good and balanced assessment  of the situation by Alexander Mercouris of the Duran.  He lays out the political facts and confirms much of information I have been relaying for several weeks.

I actually have to say that I have Hal Turner to thank for this. He has been reporting on this for some time and has been proven to be largely (but as is usually the case), not entirely CORRECT.

People like to attack him as a source of disinformation. However, in this case (and others, previously) he is not; he has reported on this and been well in front of the crowd while the usual pundits have been absolutely silent on this.

Where are the Saker, Moon of Alabama and the rest of the crowd??!

Throughout, I have found other sources, such as a Greek website and social media to confirm what I was reading from Turner.

So, what Alex Mercouris says is confirmation of what I have been reporting; his interpretation, which is just that, always tends to be on the careful and conservative side while Turner already has Russian troops marching into Europe. 

When it comes to speculation I largely gravitate towards the former.  I have been sure that these huge mobilisations of troops by Russia in response to the threat from the West have been to serve as a deterrent and do not necessarily presage an imminent movement by Russia.

What I try to do is to present what I see as the facts well before they become generally known without taking a fixed position on the meaning of it all. I prefer to present differing (and often conflicting) views, and leave it up to readers to make up their own mind.

So, I shall continue to do what I have been doing and reporting from different sources, including Hal Turner.



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