All eyes are on Britain

All eyes are on Britain

There were some very interesting comments from a guest on the Duran today. 

He talks about how Liz Truss and the entire political class are totally out of touch with the British public and totally useless.

He paints a picture of what it is like in Britain today. He talks about the roots of the current conflict, including inflation. 

He makes the very relevant point that the public are dumbed down and entirely unaware and disinterested in the important things that are going on around them.

He puts this down to drugs, television and social media. I think he perhaps leaves the most important factor – the effects of a mRNA jab on the mass of the population.

All of this becomes ever-so-relevant in the context of news coming out today about the bond markets.

However, he is well worthwhile listening to.

Truss calls NATO summit, UK all in with Ukraine w/AJ from PTE Geopolitics (Live)

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