An anecdote

An anecdote

I don’t have a lot of opportunities for social interaction these days but we had a couple of friends that we have known for over 30 years for brunch. I noticed that the man was totally avoiding direct conversation or eye contact so I decided to make the first step and ask to his face “what is good and new in your life“?

That was an invitation to answer with a long story addressed to the middle distance about his woodcarving.

Somehow that went onto a short conversation about drugs, neurotransmitters so I decided to reciprocate with another question; “IF YOU WERE TO RECIPROCATE and ask me the same question, since we are talking about the brain I would say…”   

And I went on to talk (very briefly and succinctly) about the mRNA vaccine and how it produces spike proteins that do not stay at the point of injection but migrate throughout the body, including to the brain. 

The response was a stony wall, as if I had confronted him with something like the Jews being sent to extermination camps. 

End of conversation. 


One thought on “An anecdote

  1. There is such a clear divide between us, the free thinkers, and those who fear being ostracized by social media, that for me the burning question is how did the free thinkers avoid the mind control exhibited by people like your brunch guest and so many others?
    I feel both blessed and cursed by the ability to stand beyond the fray and observe.
    Please everyone stay healthy ….. the world my look totally different a year from now.
    Stay safe and carry on Robin.

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