An epiphany following an attack

An epiphany following an attack

Yesterday, I went to post on the blog and immediately got an error message:

I went out and waited for a while and when I came back I was able to get into my site for long enough to post some items.

However, when I came back I found myself locked out of my website on all devices. 

To test that it was not related to something local to our computers or the modem I went down the road and tried another computer and got the same result. In normal times I would have been beside myself and desperate to get back online but I am too ill these days to get too excited. I contacted the Orange Website people in Iceland.

I got a response back from them very quickly and they told me that I needed to “change the NameServers”. 

Although they provided details on how to do this I realised I did not have the energy to do this for myself so I decided to ask for help.

Eventually, I went back to Orange and told them why I was unable to do this for myself and they came back very promptly and informed me that they had done it for me but it would take up to 24 hours for the changed NameServers to “propagate”.

So, I went back to bed and when I woke up this morning everything was working normally.

But that was not before I got this message on Telegram:

And they provided the following screenshot.

So, when I went to bed I really thought that I was the subject of a scam although I could not see how this could have occurred and the Orange people assured me it was unlikely to be true and found myself praying for guidance.

This morning I found this message:

I have no intention to follow this up. In fact, I got the message to pull back and devote some more time to myself.

I have devoted 12 years to warning people and have come to the point where I need not do that any longer. That does not mean an ending to blogging – I’m sure I will have lots to say – but a pulling back, physically and mentally. I have little energy to give to this so need to look after myself and my relationship with the Divine.

Of course , the materialists would say my experience yesterday was simply a technical one that has been fixed so I am “good to go”.

But I know better. The excuse is not the explanation.

I see this as a spiritual attack during a time when the dark forces are circling round us.

Just today, Pam went shopping and saw a sign which warned people not to go to the park because “far-Right” forces attacking the Rainbow people. 

And today, Hal Turner posted about a secret recording made by a school kid in the United Kingdom  telling students “You don’t have a choice to learn about LGBTQ. It’s one of our values and if you refuse to do it, you will be dealt with severely..”

Other things have led me to reassess my past beliefs such as an amoral Eckhart Tolle totally failing to engage with the dangers of artificial intelligence, which I regard was demonic and footage of the Dalai Lama this week.

I have no desire any more to engage with sceptics but to embrace with that which is wholesome. I found myself saying,

“the demons are knocking at the door but Christ is in the room”.

This did not come from me but, I believe, came THROUGH ME. 

My advice to myself ( and to anyone who cares to listen) is get right with God and look to the only Source that is going to save us in the dark days ahead.


3 thoughts on “An epiphany following an attack

  1. I noticed the site was down. I’m glad it’s back. I hope “Orange” (The people in Iceland continue service)
    C-11 is basically passed in Canada. The internet is going to be completely censored and cracked down soon. Canada could be one of the countries banning the site. Our laws on speech/gender/ya-da ya… Are CRAZY. Often prison time for “Free Speech” or what was once.

    I know computers. You can troubleshoot for hours and find that you’re stuck, because of something out of your control. Very frustrating.

    Take care of yourself, Bless you and Pam. Thank you for all your time/effort!

    On a semi-good note. Regardless of how it’s being spun. I heard “Bud Light” had a commercial with a dude, who cross-dresses. (He has a wang)
    Now people are pouring out their beers. Shooting beers cases with guns. Running over pallets of beer with steam rollers. Among other things.

    That was nice to see. So there is a portion who are against this. But then they throw their kid’s in public school. Unless home has a good structure. Ugh-oh!
    As for the internet, well it’s the DARPA-net and “They.” Whoever they are have had a lot of control since it’s inception. Now it’s more than ever? Or they’re just using the features that were “waiting in the wings.”

    Jesus Saves.
    The Dalai Lama didn’t shock me. He’s talked about losing his temper, and hitting a child as the solution.
    The real pope Benedict (though I’m not Catholic) died in Dec. I just heard!
    Now it’s just Francis the “Black pope.”

    Mr. Tolle has sounded wise. Sometimes gives good advice. But I had already listened to Ram Das, Tim Leary, Alan Watts. (And more of “Those guys” from that era.)
    The things Mr. Tolle said were very similar, and I already found things about the previous people. That I really didn’t like, so I stopped listening to them.

    Again take care. I hope all goes well for you. You’re in my prayers.

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