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  1. Bless you Robin, take all the time away from this insanity that you need. Words can’t express how much your work has meant to me over the years –you’ve held steadfast, kept your mind and soul together when so many have not been able to do that. I’m a 76 year old woman living in California and can scarcely believe the changes I’ve seen, especially over the last few years. It’s come to the point that I’m losing interest in the daily headlines and focusing more and more on people I love and care about, and small kindnesses and changes in the things nearby that I can enact.
    You’ve been a wonderful light in the darkness, so clearly a caring, kind man who also has the strength to call a spade a spade and, like Mike Ruppert and others more recently are that voice in the wilderness.
    Be of good cheer though, Robin, while we may not be able to see how, just by being your good, true self you

  2. Hello Robin.

    The other day, had a chance to view the top video (and then a start only on the EDTA Detox item). Coming back to this page today to say something on the matter of your health. Of course I do not know the nature of your condition in medical terms, but do realize it is something very debilitating, and in your view progressively getting worse.

    Without getting into a discussion of life passages and cycles, going over speed bumps and turning major corners, how sometimes one’s situation has to get abysmally worse before light is seen at the end of the proverbial tunnel —- I have something to report.

    After my talking things over with soul friend Sol, he volunteered to try something that might in the end help you in some way, to whatever degree that may be. He decided to make a focussed appeal to special forces (which he from time to time contacts) that may trigger some healing or alleviation of your present predicament. This was a dedicated appeal in your name. There is no guarantee of any result. And there should be no expectations of any.

    Sol feels that everything is already determined, at the same time that we may also have choice, or that some beneficial intervention may take place. This view partakes of the natural paradox that belongs to our human existence. And Sol is a great respecter of Fate.

    Our best wishes for your Health and Life.

    Wesley & Sol

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