An update on Aussie Cossack

An update on Aussie Cossack


💪🏻Simeon sends you all guys his gratitude and respects. THANK YOU FOR THE ONGOING SUPPORT!

🇦🇺Being treated like 0.1% of prisoners, like most important inmate in Australia, as worst criminals and terrorists – NO phone calls allowed, even with his wife, 24 hours lockdown, NO RIGHTS!!

Only rare video conferences with the lawyer.

⛓Aussie Cossack is a political prisoner and will fight for the truth to the last!! The fight is hard but fight for the truth is the the greatest fight of all.

🇦🇺He keeps his chin up, staying in high spirits! He writes a lot and has heaps of stories to share with you!

Simeon LOVES reading your postcards! Keep them coming 💪🏻


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