An update on the covid statistics in New Zealand

An update on the covid statistics in New Zealand

The Ministry of Health have released their latest statistics on covid and vaccination.

Note: these figures represent the Northern Region only of New Zealand.

Vaccination status of current hospitalisations (Northern Region only, excluding Emergency Departments):

  • Unvaccinated or not eligible (53 cases / 19%);
  • Partially immunised <7 days from second dose or have only received one dose (7 cases / 2%);
  • Double vaccinated at least 7 days before being reported as a case (77 cases / 27%);
  • Received booster at least 7 days before being reported as a case (135 cases / 48%);
  • Unknown (11 cases / 4%)


These statistics are hard to compare because the government in its wisdom has combined the figures for those who are non-vaccinated with those who are “not eligible” because they are aged less than 12), thus making it LOOK as if the unvaxxed represent a greater proportion than they do. 

A friend is convinced that the government is falsifying the statistics.

This, I believe, is true to the extent that they fudge the statistics to make things look different.  I do not believe they are making things up.

They are unable to hide a situation whereby the vaxxed are rapidly losing all immunity.

Bear in mind none of this reflects people succumbing to other conditions or the heart attacks, strokes etc. from the vaccinations.

That will be carefully hidden.

As of a few months ago there were 27 deaths, during which time the country was under extreme lockdowns. Now that deaths have reached 635 the country has relaxed some of its restrictions and we are told that we are “recovering” from “Omicron.”

The total number of publicly reported deaths with COVID-19 to 633

This was the case back in. February

Courtesy: the Great Expose

A rough graph from the above statistics show that by far the most hospitalisations for covid-19 are for those who have received the booster (in other words, have had their immunity shredded, not only for covid but for any infection.


Here was the situation back in February.

The boosted did not figure in the statistics 



This is the current situation with regards to covid cases by vaccination status.

Recently, the MoH fudged their statistics by combining the non-vaxxed with those “not eligible” (ie, those aged less than 12)

But still, even by playing around with the statistics they cannot hide the true situation which can be seen clearly by those who can take more than a cursory look.

What this next rough graph shows that the people most affected by covid-19 after vaccination are those in their middle years. Statistics show that it is still killing the elderly



This equates to –

Unvaccinated – 4.4%

Vaccinated (partially, 2 doses and booster) –  79.2%

I have left out of the equation those who were 11 years or younger (and ‘not-eligible’ for the death jab)

The question has to be asked, if the “vaccines” are “safe-and-effective” and provide protection from serious illness almost 80% cases of covid are amongst the vaccinated and over half of all those hospitalised (which presumably means the situation is serious) are those who have received boosters.



Vaccinated Have Up To SIX Times the Infection Rate of Unvaccinated, New Zealand Government Data Show


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