An update on the rapid decline of New Zealand’s medical system

An update on the rapid decline of New Zealand’s medical system

Back on 5 June I did an extensive report on the intentional breakdown of New Zealand’s health system in the midst of the compulsory vaccination of New Zealaders,


Since then Liz Gunn has come out with another interview with Dr. Alanna Ratna of NZDSOS in which she reveals some more important details about what is happening.

It was a wide-ranging hour-long interview so I have edited the original interview to hone in on what I consider to be the most important things that she is well-qualified to comment on.

The full interview can be seen HERE

Here are a few of the points made;

If you get boosted you have 3 times the chance of getting covid.

There have been more deaths of boosted people than all the other vaccinated/unvaccinated combined.

Dr. Ratna told one story out of Tauranga: a friend of hers reported being in hospital for 10 hours. Her friend reported that all the doctors were being called away to heart attacks and blood clots so that no one being seen.

The nurses couldn’t cope, the hospital was 150% full

Some have described as being like Third World hospital.

The system is breaking

Dr. Ratna described what is happening in Hutt hospital  where the authorities are closing the main wing of the hospital that contains, amongst other things, the cardiac unit and the birthing.

Patients are having to go to the much smaller Porirua hospital and hope they can get services there.

Meanwhile, while emergency doctors and nurses are blowing the whistle on how emergency departments were seeing record numbers of patients, something that should be obvious and uncontroversial , the Minister of Health is in denial, saying  “he hadn’t seen any figures to support claims… that emergency departments were seeing record numbers of patients.”

Doctors, nurses criticise Health Minister Andrew Little over ‘misleading’ emergency department remarks

Emergency doctors and nurses are having to defend how busy their hospitals are – calling comments made by the Health Minister “misleading”.


Something that you will not see anyone admitting is that In the midst of this unprecedented crisis there are still health professionals being mandated out of a living 

You are allowed to work if you have covid but you are not allowed to work if you are not vaccinated 

Meanwhile, in Australia they are calling unvaccinated staff back to work and reportedly asking them to “name their price

But not here.


Dr. Ratna named a vaccinated 19 yr who had all the signs of myocarditis and pericarditis.

When she went to hospital she was told she was over-anxious and too much coffee (!!).

The situation was serious enough for her father to buy a defibrillator because he was concerned that her heart might give out. In the end they managed to get her to Europe where she had an MRI which confirmed that did, in fact, have pericarditis and myocarditis.

Here, her family had requested that an MRI be done but this request was refused.

Because of her treatment by the New Zealand medical system, in addition to pericarditis and myocarditis she also has PTSD because she was continuously told that she was neurotic and anxious, that it was all in her head.


One presentation that is been increasing seen is aortic dissection.

In this, spike proteins are bring gobbled up by the white cells into lining of blood vessels,causing inflammation weakening the blood vessels including  the aorta, the strongest blood vessel.  This inflammation makes splits in the wall of vessel from the blood going from the aorta putting pressure on inflamed wall of the blood vessels so that the heart can’t beat and people die.

Dr, Ratna says this is becoming more frequent.

In addition, she expressed the opinion that here in NZ they do not know to do the autopsies – or the will – that would show this.

Overseas, now they look for the spike protein and the white cells and there are protocols for doing such an autopsy.

But not in New Zealand.

I am coming to the firm conclusion that New Zealand has the most primitive health system in the Developed World.


Dr. Ratna reported a specialist here saying she was seeing lots of organ failure, she said,  in covid patients, although Dr. Ratna says this is far more likely to be from the vaccination. 

Overseas they are finding the organ failure only in the vaccinated.

Those who died of organ failure were vaccinated.

Those who were not vaccinated are not shoeing the organ failure.


Dr. Ratna says there have been suicides in children as young as 7.

She describe how suicides were so common that firefighters were recovering the bodies of 4 suicides a week.

Trying to get the parents to talk and just about to talk. Questions if the govt is monitoring their phones and threatening them if they talk. Parents have been paid a lot of money to keep quiet.

Liz and Alanna described that te Puna Matatini and the government are recharacterising suicides as «accidental deaths”.

This is surely a way of hiding the huge number of deaths.

I could not confirm that except for this.

They are saying, without presenting the data, that suicides are down. Indeed, that does appear to be the case and I could not find any raw data to confirm or deny any of this – only this.

607 people died by suspected suicide in the 2020/2021 financial year (from July 2020 to June 2021), less than the 685 reported in 2018/19 and 628 in 2019/20.

“A death is confirmed as a suicide when a coroner, having investigated the causes and circumstances of the death, find the person who died intended to take their own life.”

If the information is correct perhaps we can survive that the victim just happened to have a rope round the neck when they “accidentally” fell off the chair!


Dr. Ratna gave out statistics that I have already been describing on this blog.

The government has been giving out statistics with the rolling average of covid cases per 100,000 population.

Of these:

  • 66 cases were unvaccinated
  • 75 had had one dose
  • 163 had had two doses
  • 189 were boosted

This means that the  boosted deaths are 3x more than the combined deaths of all the vaxxed (one or two doses) and unvaccinated combined.

She also quoted figures coming out of the United Kingdom. which showed that all-cause mortality figures are 50 % higher than before the rollout.

These are figures reported by the insurance industry. 

These deaths would have to be attributed to the vaccine unless there is something we do not know about.

Some of this could be attributed to stress caused by the lockdowns and the hospitals not being available to treat anything other than covid-19.

In addition, in 10-14 age group where they have had 2 vaccines the all-cause mortality is up 3600%

In the 10-14 age group that had had 3 doses all-cause mortality is up a whopping 8100%.

That means children that had the booster are 8100% more likely to die than an unvaccinated child.

The chances of a child dying from covid are a fraction of one percent


We are receiving confirmation that with the news of the imminent closure of the Heretaunga block of the Hutt hospital things are chaotic and nursing staff have no idea of what is happening. Meanwhile, our friend Patrick is out of isolation at the hospital and has been sent home to wait to be told when he is to have his second operation.

In the meantime we received news that an old friend who is my age died of a heart attack after pleurisy for which we understand (but cannot confirm) he could not get medical attention.

Once again a healthy person who regularly hikes in the outdoors suddenly gets sick and dies.

Do I have to ask whether he was vaccinated?

Sadly, the family is in denial and asks all those attending the funeral to be masked up and fully-vaccinated!

Dr. Ratna has provided references for what she talked about HERE.


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