An update

An update

Yesterday, I had an accident in the bathroom.

I was finishing my ablutions when I fell backwards after my right leg just collapsed.

I was left relatively unscathed but I have been realising for a while that there is something going on neurologically; I have had several near misses in the recent past.

I also realise that as an unvaxxed individual in this current environment I am not going to get any answers on this unless my chiropractor can help me (he’s more qualified in any case).

I have been considering my blog and where I go with it.

The days of covering all the news as I have for 11 years is passing.

What I would like to do is to restrict what I do to items that provide context to help us understand what is happening, rather than day-to-day news and events.

Right at the moment I am working on an article that discusses New Zealand history and its suppression by a politically-correct, woke government on media  so I doubt I will be posting very much in the coming day. Whatever is happening in my world the beginning of every day is spent skimming the news.

When I find something I post it on Telegram.

I realise that Telegram is inconvenient because it is tied to a cellphone so I have decided to post material to a new account on GETTR.

There is already some material there but I will be double-posting to Telegram and GETTR from now, so I recommend that you check it out

You can find me on Telegram HERE


I do hope I am not inconveniencing anyone here.

Best wishes,






3 thoughts on “An update

  1. We are grateful to you for your efforts, Robin. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. The Woke phenomenon has, sadly, taken over the western world. Jacinda is a symptom of a much bigger pandemic.

  2. Get some rest. I only found your site recent and find the news news items you post relevant and well placed. I do follow some of your sources as well.
    I think focusing on writing articles on subjects is a great idea and you will provide us some great material.
    Thank you. From a jab free kiwi in aus.

  3. Sorry to hear about your accident, Robin. Glad you didn’t hit your head seriously on a hard surface. My friend Sol says you may be going through a long and stressful life passage, which (depending on the individual) can easily last up to six years, after which things get easier (and it seems to me you been on this for a while already).

    Myself, I swear by chiropractors. Saw my first chiropractor back in middle of last century; he gave me valuable information about my body that no regular medical practitioner would likely ever discover.

    Been away a couple of weeks, and saw your UPDATE coincident with just having read the news of the assassination of former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe. Regardless of what we may think of his hawkish politics, he was a notable figure, because he was bent on influencing changes in Japan’s ‘peace’ constitution to be amenable to encompassing ‘offensive’ actions for Japan’s current defense forces.

    I agree with my friend that his fatal shooting is an important event marker (a special ‘sign’), among others, in the current developments toward great civilizational change for our world.

    Your work also is now undergoing its own change —- and I look forward to seeing this in your new account on GETTR, the link for which am going to tap on right after sending this comment.

    Best wishes, from Wesley (and SolAmigo) !!!

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