An update

An update

Yesterday, I had an accident in the bathroom.

I was finishing my ablutions when I fell backwards after my right leg just collapsed.

I was left relatively unscathed but I have been realising for a while that there is something going on neurologically; I have had several near misses in the recent past.

I also realise that as an unvaxxed individual in this current environment I am not going to get any answers on this unless my chiropractor can help me (he’s more qualified in any case).

I have been considering my blog and where I go with it.

The days of covering all the news as I have for 11 years is passing.

What I would like to do is to restrict what I do to items that provide context to help us understand what is happening, rather than day-to-day news and events.

Right at the moment I am working on an article that discusses New Zealand history and its suppression by a politically-correct, woke government on media  so I doubt I will be posting very much in the coming day. Whatever is happening in my world the beginning of every day is spent skimming the news.

When I find something I post it on Telegram.

I realise that Telegram is inconvenient because it is tied to a cellphone so I have decided to post material to a new account on GETTR.

There is already some material there but I will be double-posting to Telegram and GETTR from now, so I recommend that you check it out

You can find me on Telegram HERE


I do hope I am not inconveniencing anyone here.

Best wishes,






2 thoughts on “An update

  1. We are grateful to you for your efforts, Robin. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. The Woke phenomenon has, sadly, taken over the western world. Jacinda is a symptom of a much bigger pandemic.

  2. Get some rest. I only found your site recent and find the news news items you post relevant and well placed. I do follow some of your sources as well.
    I think focusing on writing articles on subjects is a great idea and you will provide us some great material.
    Thank you. From a jab free kiwi in aus.

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