Are they using different vaccine batches for different groups?

Are they using different vaccine batches for different groups?


Earlier this morning I found a short item on. Godlike Productions which quoted a nurse as saying:

When you go to have your jab they feed your name into a computer which tells them which batch to use.

This is a paraphrase, not a quote.

This has disappeared, not only off GLP but also from my Telegram account where I posted.  I read this aloud to my partner, so I made no mistake in posting this.

This confirms what I have been hearing from various sources that for some groups they are using saline solutions, something that will go a long way to explaining why some people have terrible reactions while others are seemingly unaffected

5 thoughts on “Are they using different vaccine batches for different groups?

  1. Would not surprize me. I ‘ve heard similar. Also I do wonder at the folk in public roles, radio announcers etc. Makes perfect sense really.

  2. Judy Mikovits called this some months back. She said there are “hot” lots of vaxvials, and lots that are more benign (saline?).

  3. Plus what a perfect way to obfuscate and provide plausible deniability when not everyone suffers side effects. I believe that for the same reason there are different variations even of the fully toxic doses – not everyone reacts in the same way, at the same speed, or with the same symptoms.
    I agree with Catherine Austin Fitts that the root of this is a huge coverup for a global financial collapse – the current system is coming down fast, and will be replaced with tightly controlled digital currency, along with a tightly controlled populace – digital passports. The net has been cast. The fish are almost all in.

    1. They must have thought everyone would get the vaxx — or they planned to have boots on the ground forcing it by now. My guess, the Jan 6th false flag was a flop, they didn’t get the pretext bloodbath they needed to justify the level of tyranny they had planned.

      Someone very competent appears to have been disrupting their plans very effectively.

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