Are Wagner troops concentrating in Belarus?

Are Wagner troops concentrating in Belarus?

There are gaping holes in the narrative of Russia-friendly commentators.

You will never find the Duran talking even about events discussed in the Russian media.

Alexander Mercouris, for example, can’t even bear mention the attack on the Kerch Bridge even though it happened many hours before he recorded this video – before I retired here in NZ.

He’s correct in what he says, but you could drive a truck through what he does not say.

There is no question that Russia is winning on the battlefield but the real worry is the reaction of the West to defeat.

Rapid increase of Wagner’s forces for advance in the Baltic! – Duma: “Target the Suwalki Corridor – The Polish Army will be crushed”

In an admittedly chilling public statement, Andrei Kartapolov, head of the Duma Defense Committee, revealed that the objective of Wagner’s forces in Belarus is to crush the Polish forces and take control of the Suwalki Corridor!

It is the first public statement by a Russian official about the developments with Wagner in Belarus. Kartapolov belongs to B.Putin’s party, was Deputy Minister of Defense and former Commander of the Western Military District. He is the head of the Defense Committee of the Duma and not some random person.

Thick dark clouds have begun to gather on the border with Poland. The last 72 hours have seen large movements of Wagner forces which are still going on now.

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Check out new videos of Wagner’s troop movements

Russian official: Target Suwalki Corridor – Polish forces will be crushed!

Deputy and head of the Duma Defense Committee, Andrei Kartapolov, said during a recent appearance on the Russia-1 TV channel with Vladimir Solovyov that Wagner’s forces may be preparing for a new attack on Poland, a member of the North Atlantic Organization Treaty (NATO).

Kartapolov said Wagner troops were sent to “train” Belarusian soldiers in preparation for a possible attack on Poland to take control of the Suwałki Corridor, a small but strategically important strip of Polish territory between Russia and the Kaliningrad enclave that was here long a critical point for Russia.

He specifically said:

“One of the smart moves is the one made by our Commander-in-Chief.

“It is clear that Wagner PMC went to Belarus to train the Belarusian Armed Forces ,” Kartapolov said.

“Not only and not that much. There is such a thing as the Suwałki Corridor. You know very well what it is. If something happens, we really need this Suwałki corridor.”

He added that Wagner will be ready to take control of the land within hours.

Kartapolov’s remarks drew backlash from Russian state television host Vladimir Solovyov, who pointed out that Wagner handed over equipment to Russian authorities before leaving the country.

Solovyov received the following reply:

“It’s not a big deal. They gave something and got something else.

“The Ministry of Defense will understand what they gave and what they got. I’m not talking about that, but about the fact that a strike force is ready to take this small runway in a few hours ,” Kartapolov said.

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Watch the video with Andrei Kartapolov’s terrifying statement

The Suwalki Corridor is a sparsely populated, but critical, strip of land that runs along Poland’s northeastern border. The area is particularly important because it offers the only land link between NATO and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, meaning Russian control of this land would cut Poland off from the rest of Europe.

The corridor’s geopolitical importance has long raised concerns about its vulnerability to a Russian attack, which would also trigger a NATO response due to the alliance’s Article 5, which states that an attack on a NATO country would be treated as attack against all members. of the coalition.

Poland has moved more than 1,000 troops to the east of the country amid concerns that the Wagner Group’s presence in Belarus could lead to increased instability, according to Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak.

“More than 1,000 soldiers and nearly 200 units of equipment from the 12th and 17th Mechanized Brigades are beginning to move to the east of the country as part of Operation Safe Podlasie.” This is a demonstration of our readiness to respond to destabilization efforts near our country’s borders,”he tweeted last Saturday.

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Watch new videos of Wagner’s troop movements in Belarus

This is from Russian media

“The Suwalki corridor will soon become Russia”: Deputy Kartapolov “shaken” the entire Western world with one phrase

«Сувалкский коридор скоро станет Россией»: депутат Картаполов одной фразой «встряхнул» весь западный мир

Andrei Kartapolov, head of the Russian State Duma Committee on Defense, said that the Russian private military company Wagner was introduced into Belarus with the aim of subsequently seizing the Suwalki corridor.

The Suwalki Corridor is a narrow strip of land on the border between Poland and Lithuania that separates Belarus from the Kaliningrad region of Russia

The capture of the Suwalki corridor would allow Russia to actually cut off the Baltic from the rest of Europe and get a direct outlet to Belarus.

Andrei Kartapolov, head of the Russian State Duma Defense Committee, said that the Russian private military company Wagner was introduced into Belarus with the aim of subsequently seizing the Suwalki corridor.-2

This would create serious geopolitical problems for NATO and the EU, since the Baltics are part of these organizations. Control of the Suwalki corridor would also allow Russia to increase its influence on Belarus, which is already closely connected to Moscow politically and economically.

Kartapolov’s statement raised concerns in the West, as Wagner has been repeatedly accused of conducting destabilizing operations in the interests of the Kremlin. If the information about the presence of Wagner in Belarus is correct, this may mean that Moscow is preparing the ground for our response to NATO efforts to destabilize the situation in the region and expand its influence.

Official representatives of Belarus have not yet commented on the statement of the Russian parliamentarian.

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