Are you confused?

Are you confused? in England are running 20 per cent below the five-year average, according to official figures, as scientists say it has never been safer to be out and about.


a group of people sitting on a bench: Boris Johnson  - Jeremy Selwyn /Evening Standard/AP© Jeremy Selwyn /Evening Standard/AP Boris Johnson  – Jeremy Selwyn /Evening Standard/APThis is the ninth week in a row that deaths in England and Wales have been lower than usual – and if the current trend continues, the substantial fall will soon wipe out the excess fatalities that occurred during the second wave of the Covid pandemic in January.

Data from the Continuous Mortality Monitor from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries show cumulative mortality in England and Wales for 2021 is now just 1.1 per cent above the 2011-2020 average.

When compared to the 10-year average, deaths are now 31 per cent below normal, with 3,588 fewer deaths expected in the week ending May 7.

Experts suggested the drop in deaths was occurring because many people who would have typically died around now had in fact died from Covid weeks or months earlier.

Lockdown and social distancing had also helped to keep other respiratory viruses low, so fewer people were dying from conditions such as flu or pneumonia.

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that, in the week ending May 7, there were 1,706 fewer deaths than the previous week and 1,955 fewer than the five-year average, which is 19.7 per cent lower than normal for England and Wales. In England, deaths are 20.2 per cent below the five-year average.

Prof Carl Heneghan, the director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, said: “This is a very low number of deaths. We’ve never seen this at this time of year.

“If people are still anxious, this data reaffirms that it is now safer than ever to go out and about. In the absence of testing, we wouldn’t believe anything was happening now.

“Some of that is because of the bank holiday falls, but I think there are other reasons. Some of the elderly and frail died earlier than they would have done, and there is still a very low circulation of the respiratory pathogens.”

Covid deaths now make up just 1.6 per cent of all deaths, the lowest it has been since September. Just 129 mentioned “novel coronavirus (Covid-19)” on the death certificate – a decrease of 76 deaths compared with the week ending April 30.

Although some of the drop is accounted for by registrations affected by the May Bank Holiday, experts said the holiday typically falls on week 18, so previous years would be similarly impacted.

Commenting on the figures, Kevin McConway, emeritus professor of applied statistics at The Open University, said: “In general terms, it continues the good news that we’ve seen for many weeks now.

“Registered deaths from all causes are down compared to the previous week overall, and separately in England, in Wales, in most of the English regions and in most age groups.

“Total registered deaths are below the average for the five years 2015-2019, as they have been every week since the middle of March, and that’s true for England and for Wales taken separately and for every English region.

“The same pattern broadly applies to deaths where Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate. They are also down considerably for the latest week compared to the week before, overall, in England and in Wales separately, in all but one of the English regions, and in most age groups.”

Tory MPs warn Boris he MUST push ahead with June 21 ‘freedom day’ despite Indian variant fears as PM says there should be ‘conclusive’ evidence on the threat it poses within days

  • Anxiety growing about whether the June 21 Covid roadmap date can be kept amid rise of the Indian variant  
  • Tory MPs urge Boris Johnson to press ahead with unlocking despite fears over vaccine-hesitant Britons
  • Scientists say the Indian variant poses biggest risk to people who refuse to get a jab because it’s so virulent
  • Officials drawing up plans for local lockdowns similar to last year when there were four levels of tiers  
  • Government has been resisting calls for vaccines to be given to younger people in ‘hotspot’ areas 

Daily Mail,

19 May, 2021

Tory MPs today warned Boris Johnson he must push ahead with ‘freedom day’ on June 21 despite fears over the India variant.

Senior backbenchers urged the PM to hold firm to his roadmap after he said the government is still sifting through emerging data about the fast-spreading strain. 

On a visit to a vaccine centre, Mr Johnson stressed there is not yet ‘conclusive’ evidence that the roadmap will need to be altered, and things will be clearer in ‘days’. 

He also tried to dampen concerns that vaccine hesitancy could prevent the next round of easings going ahead, pointing out that levels of uptake in the UK were very high by international standards.  

‘We are looking at the epidemiology the whole time as it comes in and, at the moment, partly because we have built up such a wall of defences with the vaccination programme, I don’t see anything conclusive at the moment to say that we need to deviate from the road map,’ he said.

‘But we’ve got to be cautious and we are keeping everything under very close observation.

‘We’ll know a lot more in a few days’ time.’ 

The comments came after cabinet met to try to thrash out a strategy, with emergency plans that could see local restrictions used to combat hotspots while the rest of the country relaxes.

In an echo of the tiers system brought in last summer, people in the worst-hit areas could be told to stay at home and restaurants and shops forced to close – with stricken businesses handed more grants to keep them afloat.

But the Manchester mayor and the hospitality industry reacted with anger at the idea, insisting it had not worked last time and would cripple thousands of firms. 

The chair of the powerful backbench Tory 1922 Committee tonight laid down a marker to the PM, insisting it is ‘important’ he sticks to his word by keeping the June 21 schedule..

Sir Graham Brady told Sky News that the data surrounding coronavirus is ‘continuing to move in a positive direction, and actually far more positive than anybody had anticipated at the outset’.

He said there had been no issues with schoolchildren returning to classrooms or the reopening of hospitality outdoors, adding: ‘With the continuing advance of the hugely successful vaccination programme, I think there’s every reason to believe that yesterday’s reopening of indoor hospitality is going to go smoothly too.’ 

As the coronavirus crisis took more twists and turns today: 

  • Dominic Cummings has tweeted hinting that he has a bombshell documents about the decisions made on lockdown;
  • Deaths involving Covid-19 among people in over-60s have fallen by at least 98 per cent since the second-wave peak, the latest ONS figures suggest; 
  • Dozens of flights left UK airports for ‘amber list’ countries such as France, Spain and the United States, despite a warning against doing so from No 10;
  • Figures revealed the Indian variant has now been identified in 86 local authorities, after cases doubled in four days. It now accounts for 20 per cent of infections;
  • Britons aged 36 and 37 are being invited to have the jab, with 35-year-olds expected to join the list by the end of the week; 
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber hit out at ‘selfish’ individuals who refuse the jab, and urged the PM not to abandon the June 21 date; 
  • The National Audit Office said the cost of tackling Covid had hit £372billion, with the bill rising by more than £100billion since January.


U.K. to deploy door-to-door covid vaccine “hit squads”

Image: U.K. to deploy door-to-door covid vaccine “hit squads”

(Natural News) The government of Great Britain has announced that in order to get more people “vaccinated” with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), jab-armed “hit squads” are now being deployed throughout the island to help boost compliance.

Plandemic goons have already been spotted roving neighborhoods in Bolton and Blackburn, two areas of England that have supposedly been hit hard by the new so-called Indian “variant” of the Chinese Virus.

Commenting on the fascist scheme, a government spokesperson blasphemously remarked: “In jabs we trust.”

Boris Johnson also announced that Brits can once again go to pubs and restaurants and sit inside, adding the caveat that the Indian variant could pose “a real risk of disruption” to the planned June 21 end to “social distancing.”
Thus far, some 36 million vaccine doses have been administered to Brits, covering about 69 percent of the total adult population. The number of second doses administered has reached nearly 20 million.

In a matter of days, everyone over the age of 35 in the U.K. will be eligible for injection. And the government is insistent that there is “no evidence” to suggest that the injections are not effective against the Indian variant.
Areas with lowest vaccination rates seeing highest virus “spread,” politicians claim

As for the door-to-door injection campaign, government officials plan to blitz entire neighborhoods where the Indian variant is believed to be lurking. Entire households will get needled on command, reports indicate, in order to “save lives.”

Unless everyone gets a syringe plunged into their arms, the Chinese Virus will continue to spread “like wildfire,” British politicians insist. And it just so happens that this alleged spread is taking place almost exclusively in areas where people are refusing injection.

In Bolton and Blackburn, for instance, the vaccination rate is below 80 percent. To get it up above 80 percent, the British government is fearmongering about the Indian variant while sending jackboots in to forcibly administer Wuhan Flu injections.
The national army is also being sent in to target entire multi-generational households with the vaccines. Some 4,000 people in Bolton alone were injected by a “jab bus” that came barreling through town the other day.

As more Brits get injected, Johnson is allowing more travelers to enter the country from elsewhere, including from India. Unlike the United States, which recently banned travel to and from India, England has opened up its doors to the highly infected nation.

Hilariously, ethnic minorities are the most resistant to vaccination in the U.K., which has prompted the government there to come up with new tactics for convincing brown and black people to get the jab.

While upwards of 93.5 percent of all white Brits over the age of 50 have already been injected for the Chinese Virus, only about 83.5 percent of South Asians have gotten it. Among blacks, only about 67 percent have agreed to get injected.

“If there are communities unprotected, the virus will find them and go through them like wildfire,” claims Nadhim Zahawi, a minority who works as the U.K.’s “Vaccines Minister.”

In addition to drive-by vans and door-to-door hassling, the government of the U.K. is also hoping to convince more people to get injected by playing on their emotions.

“You would never go outside with a gun and start shooting people because you can see the destruction,” stated ex-Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq during a recent appearance. “But those without the jab don’t see the impact of passing the virus on.”

Labour health spokesman Jonathan Ashworth agrees, having stated that a “vaccine blitz” is needed to prevent people from saying no to the jab.

3 thoughts on “Are you confused?

  1. “Some of that is because of the bank holiday falls, but I think there are other reasons. Some of the elderly and frail died earlier than they would have done, and there is still a very low circulation of the respiratory pathogens.”

    Opinion only. Correlation doesn’t prove cause!
    That is what I get told every time I use the same reasoning. But hey it’s okay for TPTB to go out on that limb whenever it suits them, usually when they don’t have empirical evidence, which is almost always.

  2. I keep wondering how it is that so many countries seem to be on board this Vaccine campaign, using the same talking points and the same PR methods. I found a clue yesterday in an article about the journalist who was arrested in Belarus. Lukashenko stated that the IMF had pressured him to get on board with the ‘program’, with the usual carrot/stick routine. I’m thinking that the other countries were also pressured. And don’t forget about the President of Zambia, who died under mysterious circumstances after testing (PCR?) both a goat and a papaya for covid, both of which came back positive.

  3. Link for comment-
    …”Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said last month via Belarusian Telegraph Agency, BelTA., that World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus:

    • imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”
    • force them to wear face masks
    • impose very strict curfews
    • impose a police state
    • crash the economy”

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