Armed Transvestite Trotskyites Mobilize for Day of Vengeance

Armed Transvestite Trotskyites Mobilize for Day of Vengeance

Fast- moving insanity

It seems like something from a cheap horror movie, but it’s really happening. Radical transvestites who self-identify as communist revolutionaries in America are arming themselves and preparing for a killing spree among Christians. The Trans Day of Vengeance event will be held on Saturday in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington DC. The shocking rally is organized by the Trans Radical Activist Network, known as TRAN. Organizers have no plans to cancel the communist rally despite the death of three children and 3 adults inside a Nashville Christian school earlier this week. The mass murder was carried out by a woman was transitioning her gender to male. Doc Burkhart and I will discuss the rise of armed and militant Transvestite Trotskyites who hate Christians.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 3/15/23

Controversial group behind ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ raised money for firearms training – as other trans protestors pose with guns ahead of march in DC on Saturday

  • The protest was rebranded before the Nashville tragedy from ‘visibility’ to ‘vengeance’ by the Trans Radical Activist Network
  • But some social media users appear to have taken the protest to another level and have posed with powerful firearms posted along with the hashtag 
  • Twitter has since removed more than 5,000 posts that have used the flyer for the event on April 1 

Saudi Arabia set to join anti-West bloc with China and Russia

The kingdom’s cabinet seeks full membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation as the US disengages with the Middle East

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit

Saudi Arabia is joining an anti-Western influence bloc formed by Russia and China, in a sign of Riyadh’s deepening ties with Beijing as the US pivots away from the Middle East. 

The kingdom’s cabinet approved a plan to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) as a “dialogue partner”, a precursor to being granted full membership, SPA, the Saudis’ state news agency, announced on Wednesday.

Formed in 2001 by Russia, China and former Soviet states in Central Asia, the SCO is a political and security bloc of countries spanning much of Eurasia and has expanded to include India and Pakistan, with a view to challenging Western influence in the region.

Iran also signed documents for full membership last year.

The SCO holds an annual summit to discuss economic cooperation and mutual security, often focusing on terrorism, separatism and extremism, though divergent interests limit the group’s effectiveness. Member states are planning a “counter-terrorism exercise” in Russia this August, though the SCO is not a military alliance.

What they have to say about AI is hair raising.

Be very afraid.

Up to 80 PERCENT of US jobs could be impacted by ChatGPT-like AI in coming years, study warns — these are the industries most at risk

ChatGPT-like AI systems will impact 80 percent of US jobs, with personal financial advisors and brokers, insurers and data processors at the top of the list.

The warning comes from an official study by OpenAI – the makers of ChatGPT – and the University of Pennsylvania.

The team found that about 15 percent of all worker tasks could be completed significantly faster by AI and with the same level of quality.

The most ‘exposure’ falls on white color jobs, such as mathematicians, accountants and writers, and occupations making at least $80,000 a year.

Fears of software eliminating human jobs have recently made waves across the globe following the launch of ChatGPT in November and its ability to perform eerily-human professional tasks such as writing emails and resumes.

OpenAI researcher Pamela Mishkin, who was involved in the study, tweeted: ‘Today’s GPTs can do a lot. 

‘Over the past few years we’ve seen them get better and better at solving more and more complex tasks with fewer and fewer examples of less and less related tasks.’

 ‘The paper examines this trend not any particular model available today.’

The ‘GPT’ in ChatGPT stands for generative pre-trained transformer, an LLM architecture with game-changing abilities across a variety of generative tasks. 

The study analyzed 1,016 occupations and their 19,265 tasks and obtained employment and wage data from the 2020 and 2021 Occupational Employment series provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The team then cross-analyzed the data with AI capabilities to see which positions could run smoother when done by the technology.

The overall findings show ‘at least 10 percent of their work tasks affected by the introduction of LLMs, while approximately 19 percent of workers may see at least 50 percent of their tasks impacted,’ reads the study published in arXiv.

The team looked at exposure when formulating the list of jobs at risk, which included basic skills of occupations like active listening, speaking and critical thinking that Ai is designed to perform.

The study determined 86 occupations as ‘fully exposed’ to AI, with several receiving 100 percent scores.

These include legal secretaries, clinical data managers, web designers and journalists.

However, graphic designers, marketing strategists and financial managers received less than 15 percent.

Lower-paying jobs, like dishwashers, electricians and barbers, are also safe from AI.

And even though pharmacists, lawyers and astronomers have a median income of $81,980, these occupations were also not found to have high exposure.

READ MORE: Experts reveal the five professions at most risk from the AI revolution 

Zak Saidi, creative director and AI Lead of creative agency IZSRI, which already uses AI to automate some writing tasks, says that the impact of AI will be felt across many sectors within the next three years.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has previously said ChatGPT should be viewed as a tool, not a replacement for the human worker.

But the latest findings suggest otherwise.

The OpenAI research paper echoes another paper led by Princeton University that found 20 jobs at risk of the technology.

In that study, the 10 AI applications included: Abstract strategy games, real-time video games, image recognition, visual question answering, image generation, reading comprehension, translation, speech recognition, and instrumental track recognition.

The team conducted the research by linking 10 AI-powered applications – such as language – to 52 human abilities to understand if any closely relate.

The results showed that telemarketers, teachers, school psychologists and judges are among the most at risk of the new technology.

In that study, the 10 AI applications included: Abstract strategy games, real-time video games, image recognition, visual question answering, image generation, reading comprehension, translation, speech recognition, and instrumental track recognition. 

And the 52 human abilities – obtained from the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database used by the US Department of Labor to describe over 800 occupations – included examples such as oral comprehension, oral expression, inductive reasoning, and arm-hand steadiness.

3 thoughts on “Armed Transvestite Trotskyites Mobilize for Day of Vengeance

  1. Somehow this type of aggression is permissible? With expressed violent intentions?

    Remember the Nashville bomber who blew himself up? Known to the FBI, on a list of dangerous people. He played “Downtown” by Petula Clark. “They” let him blow himself up. He didn’t want to kill anyone. He broadcast warnings, for over an hour.

    Not to mention this above person’s weapon of choice. That kind of foregrip requires some decent shoulder and arm muscle strength. They should have a standard vertical foregrip, with their gait/weight. The smaller angled grip is for CQB. Close quarters.

    2 Scopes, which have to be sighted independently for different ranges. Say 100m and 300m… So their grip should be vertical. The CQB foregrip is not very helpful for target acquisition under 100m, when firing semi-rapidly. (Single shot, repeated)
    A flashlight is good, but it looked more like a laser. (NVG’s? nope, so you can’t see it’s IR laser. A flashlight is more practical/useful.)

    They’re gun happy. Cocking that rifle. Mentally deranged. Look at their face.

    I love gun’s. But that is a joke. Even if they are former military.
    If I had access to weapons like people in the USA… Boy, would I do thing’s differently.

    A friend has a Ruger 10/.22 that he has modified to have the barrel length, just within legal limits. 3.5X scope attached, grip and a sling. He made the Ruger 10/22 the legal limit from stock to barrel tip… The barrel is about 9 inches. With the stock it’s the legal length. It’s great for moving through brush and hunting rabbit, grouse or other fowl.
    The rifle is only 2-2.5 feet long.

    Bummer we can’t have Ruger’s 30 round, extended magazine in Canada… We’re limited to 10 rounds. Though you can buy a GSG-16, which is also .22 and buy a 100 round drum magazine… It’s a .22, MP5 knock-off… It doesn’t work well in the Cold or damp. It jams. It’s also not compatible with Ruger. Though I’m sure you could jerry rig it.

    About 10 years ago a man was arrested for making “grease guns” out of sheet metal and other parts. He sold them illegally. But there was never a crime committed involving the old style WWII M1 “Grease guns.” I think he even made some AK’s. He was a metal worker.

    The Russian mob and Hells Angel’s move most of the illegal weapons where I live.
    I know people who have bought handguns. Heck there was even a biker hit on the wrong house… They emptied the magazine into the neighbors of a drug dealer, then threw the AK-47/74 on the street.

    Even with an AR-15. You don’t stand a chance alone, against the National Guard. They’ll roll a humvee in, with a .50 calibre and blow your house away. Before you get a magazine off. Or you could go the way of the Dodo and every other mass murderer/terrorist and just kill yourself or commit suicide. [by police.]

    10-15 years ago we would call these people “Home-grown Terrorists.”
    Now this is common. Where will the world be in 10 more years? Oh my!

    Lengthy comment, thanks for reading! I don’t support violence, even against the oligarch’s of the world trying to kill us all. This person and their behavior, are a symptom of the degradation of society, from my point of view.
    They are not starting “Brushfires of awareness” like the Samuel Adams quote.
    They’re home-grown terrorists. Plain as that.

    1. Typo: “The CQB foregrip is not very helpful for target acquisition “under” 100m, when firing semi-rapidly.” Switch under, to “over” 100m.

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