Article on 5G in Wuhan BLOCKED by Facebook

Article on 5G in Wuhan BLOCKED by Facebook

I found this item on a search for “5G in Wuhan”.  It is straightforward and factual and yet twice when I have tried to share it on Facebook it comes back with the message that it goes against their “community standards”

I wonder what standards they are referring to!

5G network coming to 


Hubei, China,

16 April, 2018

A large scale 5G network engineering program will be piloted in Wuhan to accelerate the deployment of this new technology and to hopefully upgrade the IT industry, as was reported at the conference on 5G networks planning and engineering in early April.

Now that Wuhan as a pilot city to build 5G telecoms has been approved by the central government, 3,000 macro base stations and 27,000 micro base stations will soon be constructed.

By the end of 2018, the trial use of the technology will start in various pilot areas; it is expected to be accessible to users at the Military World Games in 2019.

By 2020, 5G network will cover every corner of the city and be available at an affordable price.

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