Asking the questions

Asking the questions

The Vaccine voice of Unreason


Just before the New Year Billy the Kahika, anti-lockdown campaigner produced a warning of a lockdown coming by January 15.  This came from warnings from various people. The lockdown despite warnings from the press of a new “deadly” strain of coronavirus never eventuated and has not despite reports of a cluster in Northland which has, once again put the fear of God into people.

Almost simultaneously I received an email from the clinic that is making an application to the Ministry of Health on my behalf that there would be a delay (read “put on the back burner”) because staff had been assigned to the roll-out of the vaccine.  Another acquaintance of ours in the navy has been called (very reluctantly) to work full-time on the covid response team.

And on Saturday the Dominion Post was dominated by articles designed to persuade the people who like to drink coffee in their favourite cafe when they are more than usually receptive and are in no mood to think critically that they should take the vaccine without question with reassuring claims from On High such as:

“Serious vaccine reactions do happen, but they’re rarer than being struck by lightning

I shall out the vaccine aside for a moment and return to it presently


When I first started to research this I asked the question “what IS this covid test they are talking about”. I could never get an answer except from conspiracy theorists like David Icke who talked about the PCR test and how it really didn’t detect a virus, citing the inventor of the test, Kary B. Mullis,saying it was never designed for that purpose.

“[Dr Mullis] said that this PCR test was not made to detect any type of infectious disease. It’s designed to pick up a signature of DNA and RNA of the person being tested.”

The fact checkers say that he never said that but I have to contradict that because I have heard him say so much in so many words on video (he died in 2019, just before the pandemic).

If ever I was going to debate someone on this I would just ask questions, rather than make assertions, questions like:

  • Why does this test have to be administered via a catheter up to the nose practically to the brain stem when it is known that other much less-invasive techniques (such as saliva tests) that provide quick answers have not been taken up? In recent days the Chinese have even come up with a test via anal swab.
  • Why are amplifications of up to 40 times needed, something that could imply that any number of people in the community might have “covid-19”?
  • What is the level of accuracy and how many “false positives” are they?

I would have similar questions right across the board such as:

  • Why have the number of reported influenza cases decreased to historically low levels when common sense dictates this is scarcely possible
  • Why have deaths due to “other causes”, such as heart attack or even car accidents having “covid-19” put as a cause of death if the person had had a positive covid-19 test?
  • Why are doctors ascribing so many conditions to covid, including the ludicrous case of one Uk doctor describing a fungal toe that was not responding to medication, as a “covid toe” (related on the Richie Allen Show)?

These are not things that have come out of the imagination of “crazy conspiracy theorists” but confirmation can be found in the media if ever you can find your way back to the story.


As part of this I was going to refer back to remarks made by Dr. Rashid Buttar by cellphone connection at an anti-lockdown demonstration in Wellington a couple of weeks ago on 11 questions about the vaccine that was the clearest exposition I have heard. Not only has the edited video I put up on You Tube containing the comments been removed but all reference to it has been expunged from the Web.

I would query my interlocutor as to why, if, as Helen Petousis-Harris who by the way is not a virologist or epidemiologist but a vaccinologist who has worked at the WHO (which is to say she is not a neutral party but an advocate) serious vaccine reactions are rarer than being struck by lightning” why there have been so many reports of serious responses to a single dose of the vaccine, including anaphylaxis, Bell’s palsy and death?

Just a couple of days there was a report coming out of Gibraltar that there were 54 deaths after administration of the vaccine that were ascribed to covid-19 although in the preceding 12 months only 16 people had died from the virus.

Reports like this are coming out every day.

We are asked by the likes of Ms. Pertousis – Harris to “trust the Science” as opposed to trusting the scientific method which allows for considerable  debate and disagreement.

As an example after last year’s lockdown we had Simon Thornley of Auckland University and who is a real epidemiologist as opposed to Ms. Pertussis-Harris who is an advocate for vaccination come out with an alternative view and set up Plan B.

See him here:


Like others like him he has been silenced and does not seem to have raised his head since.

Perhaps he is has been found guilty of Heresy by the Church of Science?

In the age of COVID scientific and civil debate is out and we have only to accept the word of Authority even if it slips and slides and contradicts itself at every turn.

We have here PM Jacinda Adern in her own words telling us who we should believe.

 We have in the following dialogue between Richie Allen and Edwina Currie, a former UK Minister of Heath a rare example of a debate with a voice of Authority.

When challenged very politely by Richie Allen she rings off:

Robin Westenra · Edwina Currie, former British health minister, hangs up on Richie Allen

In this country we have no Richie Allen and no debate. 

We have only the Voice of Authority from Our Great Leader and her compliant media on the one hand and those of the likes of Vinny Eastwood and Billy Kahika 

who open themselves to ridicule because they pepper their critique of the narrative 

with lots of peripheral issues or “conspiracy theories”.

The latter are subject to periodic censorship while other voices are silenced.

What we DO get are the likes of the sychophantic  bio, Helen Pertousis-Harris, the vaccine Voice of Reason.

Ms. Pertousis-Harris is obviously not a Nobody in the vaccine world. She has 

worked for the WHO and has recorded a TED talk which you can see below.

Here is a fairly sycophantic article about her with not a critical question being asked.

Here are some extracts: 

“Will it be a vaccine-hesitant person – someone genuinely interested in talking about their fears – or an anti-vaxxer who just wants to yell abuse?”

“I’ve got quite a file. You don’t engage with people who are just trolling, or who want to issue threats. But you are a target.”

“Serious vaccine reactions do happen, but they’re rarer than being struck by lightning”

“While Petousis-Harris is watching reports of anaphylaxis and possible Bell’s Palsy associated with Covid vaccines, she’d be happy to have any of the Covid jabs now.”

“And she hopes the 26 per cent of Kiwis who don’t intend to get vaccinated will change their minds, as they see the global rollout.

Her 2021 goal is to improve that confidence still further, through the Global Vaccine Data Network she co-directs. It aims to compare vaccinated and unvaccinated people in 17 countries, to get data on the millions of people needed to identify rare vaccine reactions”

You can see where Ms. Petousis-Harris’ sympathies lie here – 

With China!

And directly below that in the newspaper was this by a Jenny Nicholls. Nowhere are we told who she is – another “expert” or a media hack.

A few titbits:

Main thoughts on the vaccine,” wrote The Guardian’s best columnist Marina Hyde in December. “I will ingest this freedom juice any which way it comes. Jab? Yes. Two jabs? Yes, please.”….

“Like climate change, Covid-19 is a global nightmare, and we are going to have to figure out how to get as many other people on Earth vaccinated as soon as possible to be safe ourselves.”

“Shoot me up, baby. Waddya got? “

“Never has the transition of a vaccine from lab to vein proceeded so fast (sic), with such broad international toil and collaboration – all in view of the ravenous press. Covid has forever changed the way we do vaccines, which will be handy when the next pandemic comes.”

With the all-opinion, no-facts (let alone lack of logic and commonsense) I would rename the article above:

Helen Petousis-Harris: the vaccine voice of UNreason for 


Instead I will opt for the explanation of journalist Harry Vox , confirmed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (another fine person guilty of Heresy against the New World Order and Del Bigtree.

I suspect that Ms. Petousis- Harris do know a little of the truth but choose to opt for Untruth , perhaps in defence of an ideology they have been inducted into and continuing to pull a good salary.

The people in the video below opt for the truth as they see it, but above all, for conscience.

P.S. I hope in the next few days to put together with my friends a set of questions that can be used as a resource to discuss the vaccine with your friends who are still sitting on the fence.


I don’t think Ms Petussis, Jacinda Adern or the media scrum are going to tell you of this!

As of Jan. 22, 329 deaths — a subset of 9,845 total adverse events — had been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) following COVID-19 vaccinations. VAERS is the primary mechanism for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S. Reports submitted to VAERS require further investigation before confirmation can be made that an adverse event was linked to a vaccine.

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