Assessing 4 months of coronavirus

Assessing 4 months of coronavirus



An important aspect of this that unfortunately I left out of the 

video is that the WHO finally declared a pandemic on the 12 


On the 19 March the NZ government, that was previously 

sitting on its hands shut its borders.

Part one

 Part two

Part three

Now for the difficult part – Bringing together all the desperate and contradictory parts to put together a coherent narrative.

I said in my last video on this that I was perplexed or confused. This was clearly not good enough for some people. They want ready-made answers, to which there are none.

Firstly, regarding China.

Several things are clear to me. 

Firstly,that many many more people died in Wuhan then the official statistics are telling us and that the Chinese are lying about this.

What tells us this is the people collapsing in the street, the scenes from the hospitals, the crematoria working 24/7 spewing smoke into the air and the missing 21 million cell phone accounts.

Apart from that the statistics coming out of China make absolutely zero sense and one would have to be the most blind pro-CCP person to believe them.

I have little doubt that this was a bioweapon that came out of a P4 biolab in Wuhan and that the Gates’, Fauci’s were involved with this. 

There is the whole question of Event 201 and the Military Games in Wuhan.

If events in China are murky because of a lack of transparency and honesty from the Chinese Communist Party they are even more murky when the disease came to the West.

It was my expectation that the medical systems in the West would become overwhelmed and the early news seemed to bear that out.

However, it became clear to me over time that the numbers succumbing to what came to be known as covid19 were no where near what we expected.

It seems to me that when both Neil Ferguson of Imperial College and Tony Fauci had put their reports saying there would be many hundreds of thousands of cases on the desks of their respective leaders and scared their respective leaders (who were both balking in their own ways) – into taking the course of action they rolled back the numbers in their computer models back drastically. Fauci even said something in a published paper that he has never said publicly – that covid 19 might be nothing more than a bad case of the flu. 

But by that time half the world was in some form of lockdown.

As for hospitals being overwhelmed I am sure that this is true in part and hospital staff were being overwhelmed and we have seen numerous examples of this – possibly in smaller hospitals – I don’t know.

I also know that some hospitals at least, were practically empty and staff were either underemployed or sent home.

I saw this for myself at our local hospital when we did a drive-around on the last weekend of a “Level two” lockdown

Normally the hospital would be busy – even on a Sunday – you would be hard-pressed to find a parking place.

The main entrance was locked and completely deserted and there was a security guard at the only open entrance we could find – the entrance to the Emergency Department.

And yet over this period I think only one or two covid patients have been treated at the hospital while there is obviously practically nothing going on and visitors are excluded. There was no way that I could have got in to check this out.

There are so many things about the lockdown that make zero sense. It makes perfect sense to me that vulnerable populations, especially the elderly be protected. However, it makes no sense that the entire population be locked down and be denied the very things that would boost their immune systems and protect them from infection – sun, exercise, human touch.

If people were dropping like flies this course of action might be justified. But in this country, at least it was nothing like this. It feel more like an aping of China where those measures were not at all justified.

The government spent a couple of months just letting people walz on into the country which is a couple of islands far away from everywhere else. It would have been simple to close the borders and keep the numbers down from the outset and we wouldn’t be in this mess and we would be like those countries, mostly in the Third World where, even today, there are no cases.

I strongly suspect it was political and geopolitical considerations that stopped the government, already wedded at the hip with globalist agendas and institutions – with the Gates Foundation on so on, with the World Health Organisation.

The government would not take any actions that went against the dictates of Dr. Tedros and the WHO and would upset the CCP.

On the one hand we have a government that had to tread carefully so as not to upset its number one trading partner,China – which has a stranglehold over just about every aspect of our life in this country. It is also fully committed to the very worst aspects of the globalist, NWO agenda – not least to the Five Eyes. 

It has to balance between China and America with the complicating factor of President Trump against whom all the “international community”, the media and so forth is implacably opposed to.

There are so many aspects to be talked about but I come back to what I said in my introduction that I now see this more as a “Plague of Corruption” than a pandemic or plague.

I strongly suspect that we have an agenda, driven by people such as Bill Gates to lock down entire populations and not free them from this until they have been vaccinated and made sick or die due the toxic ingredients in vaccines in combination with 5G.

It is no longer theoretical but REAL.

But that takes me into a whole new realm that I do not want to get into right now.

Please take this for what it is – a reflection and an attempt to make sense of things and WATCH THIS SPACE – things are moving fast and I have to tell you I have no crystal ball but I do have my suspicions and a huge sense of dis-ease.

This is Seemorerocks, reporting from Down Under.

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