At the stroke of a pen Jacinda Adern abolishes suicide

At the stroke of a pen Jacinda Adern abolishes suicide

In the last year when we have seen Auckland under a lengthy lockdown we have this “miracle”

New Zealand’s suicide rate drops for second consecutive year

New Zealand’s suicide rate has dropped for a second consecutive year, the Chief Coroner has revealed. 

Judge Deborah Marshall released the figures to June 30, 2021 on Monday, which show 607 people died by suspected suicide, compared to 628 the year before – a decrease of 21 deaths, and a drop in the suspected suicide rate from 11.8 deaths per 100,000 to 11.6.

“Understanding what a change in numbers and rates from one year to the next means is difficult because these numbers and rates can fluctuate considerably,” says Judge Marshall.

“But it is heartening to see that the year’s figures show fewer deaths overall.”

Yet this tells another story:

  • Police are upset at the number of suicides
  • One policeman had to cut down four hangings in one day
  • Jacinda has redefined suicide as “accidental death”

Dr Alanna Ratna explains how the NZ government ended the suicides in her country.
Hear more from Dr. Ratna HERE

While we are on the topic of statistics we had this announcement last year – all, no doubt due to comrade Jacinda Adern’s wise policy of locking down the population and destroying economic activity.

It is hard to find reliable statistics in New Zealand that actually give figures. The latest figures (for 2017) indicate that there were just shy of 800 deaths from influenza and pneumonia).

Since then there have been no release of statistics,

Yet, either Michael Baker had his own access to the stats which he is not releasing to the public and channelling to the public through a top-down-trust-me statement – or – he’s talking through a hole in his head.

Just as suicides have been redefined as “accidental death”  influenza has become ‘covid-19″


One thought on “At the stroke of a pen Jacinda Adern abolishes suicide

  1. Expect NZ MVAs to uptick big time, if they ever actually have the courage to publish the data since 2020.
    Think of them as `vaccidents`….

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