Australian Woman Denied Visa To See Her Parents Commits Suicide Due To COVID Border Closures

Australian Woman Denied Visa To See Her Parents Commits Suicide Due To COVID Border Closures

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December 21st, 2021

In yet another example of the tragedy and cruelty of Australia’s COVID policies, a young woman living in Sydney has committed suicide after being denied a visa to see her parents in Western Australia.

Robin D’Argent, 31, had suffered from PTSD and depression after moving to Sydney to start a new life and was trying to get back to Western Australia to see her parents, Gillian and Alain. However, after being refused a travel visa in both October and December, struggling with her mental illness alone became too much for her and she took her own life.

Grieving parents Gillian and Alain looking at pictures of their deceased daughter

Robin’s grief-stricken parents believe that their daughter would still be alive today if she had been allowed a travel visa.

“We believe that if she had been able to come through to Perth on a holiday we could have changed the situation.”

Since the outbreak of the COVID crisis, West Australia has closed its borders and made visas, called ‘G2G Passes‘ very hard to obtain.

In a morbid twist of events, both parents were also denied a visa to re-enter Western Australia after having picked up their daughter’s ashes in Sydney, leaving them stranded. However, after their story went public and began making the Western Australian government look completely heartless, they were suddenly granted an ‘emergency visa‘ in an attempt to avoid more bad publicity.

Robin’s grieving father told Perth’s 6PR radio:

“It’s not like we’ve come to Sydney for a holiday. We have come to deal with our daughter’s death which is traumatic enough, and we can’t even get home and try to start a life with the knowledge that our daughter’s no more with us.”

Robin, 31, had tried to go back to her parents twice but had been denied due to COVID border restrictions causing her to take her own life.

This comes just one week after the tragic story of two Melbourne parents who were denied permission to collect their son’s body in Western Australia after he committed suicide. The couple would have had to quarantine for two weeks which was too long to leave their children unsupervised.

As Australia drifts further and further from its democratic past, such casualties are sure to mount due to the arbitrary and cruel twists of government policy.

I cannot find any coverage of this that I can access but apparently it “has nothing to do with COVID”.

If it wasn’t covid I wonder why the woman was in Howard Springs

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