Azovstal Nazis surrender

Azovstal Nazis surrender

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Azovites leave Azovstal on stretchers: Dozens seriously injured – Delivery agreement after relentless bombing

The surrender was announced by Azov’s leader

We have rapid developments in the Azovstal factory in Mariupol as many members of the Azov Order began to come out on stretchers. The Azophites began to surrender to Russian and allied forces.

The catalytic factor seems to have been yesterday’s incendiary attack with rockets accompanied by artillery bombardment, tanks, Air Force, etc. And today the same scenario continued until recently.

As it became known, the Azophites have more than 650 wounded. Buses are waiting for them outside, where they are transported to hospitals or detention centers.

About 12 buses were filled with Ukrainian soldiers who were fortified at Azovstal in Mariupol, according to Russian sources.

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The first 300 Azophites were handed over 

As soon as darkness fell on the territory of the Azovstal Mariupol factory, the Azophites began to transport the wounded outside Azovstal.

The first 51 came out a little while ago, 20 of whom could not even walk. Information speaks of another 250 coming out of Azovstal.

According to the latest information they are sent to Novoazovsk Central Hospital.

“They came out with a white flag and handed over their weapons,” Russian military sources said.

Azov’s leader, D. Prokopenko, is currently negotiating the full surrender of Ukrainian forces.

He recently sent a message to the Ukrainian people.

Watch videos, they are transported out on stretchers to be picked up by ambulances

The leader of “Azov” announced the surrender 

The commander of the Azov Battalion, Denis Prokopenko, who is in the catacombs of the Azovstal factory, recorded his message on video. In it, he stated that the guard blocked by the Russian and allied forces was fulfilling a specific order of the administration.

D. Prokopenko announced the agreement with the Russians as it was “the only right decision”.

According to him, “the Mariupol guard lasted for 82 days, which allowed the Ukrainian troops to regroup and receive foreign weapons.”

In his speech, Prokopenko said that the decision was made with the aim of “saving the life and health of staff”.

Prokopenko, justifying the decision to surrender his forces, said:

“The key is to realize all the dangers. Is there a plan B? Are you fully committed to this plan which should leave room for the fulfillment of the assigned missions and the preservation of the life and health of the staff?

Saving the lives of our soldiers – this is the highest level of command and control. Especially if your decision is supported by the top management.

No weapon will work without professionally trained military personnel, which makes it the most valuable element of the army.

“In order to save lives, the entire Mariupol garrison is complying with the approved decision of the top military administration and is hoping for the support of the Ukrainian people, ” Prokopenko said.

The Commander of the Azov Battalion is preparing for the total surrender of his forces.

The siege of Azovstal is over.

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