Banned from Vimeo!

Banned from Vimeo!

Yesterday I posted the video from Pandemic with an interview with Dr.Judy Mikovits.

I woke up this morning to find this.

I couldn’t resist writing back to them.

I wouldn’t dream of trying to persuade people whose minds are made up to reconsider.

Rather, I would just point out that all the videos I have posted (esp the last with Dr. Mikovits) are all factual and well-thought out.

Once-upon-a-time we lived in a society where ideas could be bounced around freely and we criticised societies such as the USSR and China where this is not possible. Your actions have shown that we are in exactly in the same place these totalitarian societies were.

I wouldn’t now want your “services” although I have PAID FOR THEM.

Your actions are beyond contempt and I hope you feel ashamed of yourselves.

Yours sincerely,

Robin Westenra


The feeling is well-illustrated by this, from Brian Rose of London Real

On the same theme I used to listen to Jake Morphonius who always had something useful to say – if you had the time to listen to interminable monologues.

Since then he has done a flip-flop on Trump, which is something I don’t really mind.

However, this identifies what he has become – a troll for some of the worst.

One thought on “Banned from Vimeo!

  1. It looks like Big Pharma has brought out there big guns and hugh money pile to discredit Dr. Mikovits one more time and to destroy Plandemic.

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