Bannon: “The Banks are Insolvent” — and will be Nationalized

Bannon: “The Banks are Insolvent” — and will be Nationalized

There is no doubt: Steve Bannon is very Right.

But is he wrong?

I think not, on the whole. It is more a question of realism vs. insanity.

Wargaming plausible scenarios around the failure to resolve fundamental, structural issues in the banking system.

the Farm,

18 March, 20233

Short clip from just a few minutes ago.

There is simply no other option, at this time, for the Federal Reserve.

They will be forced to “provide liquidity” (read: pick your pocket, while shoveling money into large banking institutions who have made poor decision after poor decision) in order to protect the system from collapse. It’s like a “safe and effective” — but for the world of international finance & banking.

Ultimately, this will lead to ownership over the banks by governments — which is called nationalization.

Credit Suisse, as an example, might effectively become a subsidiary of the European Central Bank (ECB).

European Central Bank Raising Interest Rates into the Inferno
Just last few hours — ECB is raising interest rates…..into the monsoon period which may yet be foreshadowing for a legendary banking crisis still to come. The Farm is a reader-supported publication. …

Strangely enough — terminology doesn’t exist (to my knowledge) for the transition of a bank in a sovereign country directly to a supranational entity. We can call it internationalizing the bank in that case.

This is an entirely and utterly fully manufactured crisis — being conducted by the Federal Reserve banking system, alongside their incestuous partners (who are often, in fact, the very same people) — risk taking C-Suite executives & board members asleep at the wheel at banks who have now run their respective systems & businesses into the ground. It’s been in process for a long time now.

This wholesale, Enterprise Fraud & scam is being conducted right under everyones nose.

CBDC’s may not be ready for primetime just yet — remember that these people can barely tie their shoes in the morning. But they might be soon.

Below is the ECB’s projected timeline — which states that in October, 2023 is a projected date where they will decide whether or not to continue development of the digital euro.

Perhaps they could force it into use through the use of a crisis — however, it will still be a few months (if not years) before that window of opportunity opens.

In simpler, more direct phrasing:

These people are STUPID.

Given the confines of the system — as it stands today — the most fast and easy (but not good) way to fix the current set of dogpiling crises is to simply continue printing money (thereby causing currency debasement) and using the systems in place, as they have been using them.

The people managing this crisis are not innovators. Janet Yellen is a ‘Dog King’ — not an innovator.

There are hundreds of other banks that — just to get through the rest of this quarter & next (quite possibly even the rest of the March)— are going to need intervention.

The banking system in this country is about to undergo a rapid, complete meltdown — and the people entrusted to try to manage this crisis are only going to make it worse.

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And if it’s not one thing — it’s another:

While Central Bankers themselves may not be ready to roll out CBDC’s just yet — their partners, often found mulling around sullenly at large meetings like the one in this article below, might actually be able to develop & deploy those as part of some public-private partnership.

Surely by now everyone is well aware of what the goals of the WEF are. Perhaps the methodology surrounding how a group like the WEF will execute the so-called ‘Great Reset’ is murky, but at least it …

You know. Cuz they’re ‘good people.

Here is the full broadcast

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