BBC “Broadcast” SIMULATES Nuclear War Between NATO & Russia from January 2018 — Mentions Syria and Ukraine as Basis for Start of the war

BBC “Broadcast” SIMULATES Nuclear War Between NATO & Russia from January 2018 — Mentions Syria and Ukraine as Basis for Start of the war

Hal Turner has rereleased a video that was a parody of a BBC news report that talked about the break-out of nuclear war in Europe.

When I published it on my blog people just screamed “FAKE NEWS”. They never stopped to ponder who made it and why it was made, something that remained a mystery for me. It has special resonance now.


Hal Turner,

4 April, 2021


Within a couple very short minutes, the “CODE RED” alert gets triggered, indicating the detonation of nuclear bombs within 90 SECONDS.

Then the broadcast goes suddenly off-air as London is presumably destroyed by a nuke blast. Everyone is on their own.  No help. No food, no water, no medicines . . . just destruction.

If you get a chance, watch this.  Compare it to what is ACTUALLY TAKING PLACE in the world right now!

Then think about what “preps” you have ready to go.  Do you have enough water stored to shelter-in-place after a nuke blast for ten to fourteen days?  Do you have enough shelf-stable or canned food to do the same? Do you have flashlights, batteries, portable radios?

Because if you are in a nuke blast area, you won’t be able to even go outside for up to 14 days because radiation will be at lethal levels.  Mere exposure for a few minutes, will kill you within days.

None of us wants to see anything like this actually take place.  NO ONE! Especially not me.

But I have begun to think that something like this is exactly what’s coming – and soon.  Like, within a month soon!

So give watch and take heed.  Don’t panic. Plan.

Have a plan.  Have supplies.  Be ready.  Because if this actually takes place, the “masses who are asses” are not going to make it.  YOU might have a chance, if you have a plan.

I have often wondered what was behind this video and now this was sent to me.

BBC forced to deny outbreak of nuclear war after fake news clip goes viral

Broadcaster distances itself from fictionalised report on Russian nuclear attack after video widely shared on WhatsApp

the Independent,

20 April, 2018


The BBC has been forced to distance itself from a fake news clip reporting the outbreak of nuclear war after a video about purported conflict between Russia and Nato forces was widely circulated on social media.

The footage features a British presenter, who appears to be in a BBC News studio, solemnly telling viewers about escalating hostilities sparked by a Russian aircraft being shot down over Latvia.

The four-minute clip, which features the broadcaster’s logo, seemingly shows Russian naval ships firing cruise missiles, nuclear mushroom clouds, and the Queen being evacuated from Buckingham Palace.

The video ends with a purported “nuclear attack warning”, showing the Ministry of Defence and Home Office logos and listing British cities which it claims are considered prime targets.

The clip was shared around the world, particularly over WhatsApp, after it was posted on YouTube this week.

Some concerned viewers mistakenly believed it was genuine BBC footage, prompting the corporation to issue a statement on Twitter.

“This video clip claiming to be a BBC news report about Nato and Russia has been circulating widely,” the broadcaster said . “We’d like to make absolutely clear that it’s a fake and does not come from the BBC.”

In a further statement, a BBC spokeswoman added: “Over the last couple of days we have had people contact various BBC bureaux, mainly in Africa and Asia, as they had seen the video on WhatsApp and wanted to check if it was a real BBC report.

“WhatsApp seems to be the main platform it was being shared on but we know it’s circulated on other social media too. We’re keen to make clear that this isn’t a BBC News report.”

The original video contained a disclaimer making clear it was “fictional dramatisation”. However, an edited version without the disclaimer has been posted online and widely shared.

“A Russian air force plane have been allegedly fired at by US and NATO forces over Latvia,” wrote New Yorker Derryck Griffith on Facebook after watching the clip. “If this is indeed the case, then we are facing another potentially Global War with Russia.”

Anas Muhammed Ibrahim, from Nigeria, shared the video with the comment: “Get somewhere safe… WWIII has started”.

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