A FOILED Coup Planned for Belarus

A FOILED Coup Planned for Belarus

This is what Pravda (oops, I mean Reuters has to say on a foiled coup in Belarus.

Russia and Belarus detain two Lukashenko critics, one a dual US citizen

Russia’s FSB security service said on Saturday that it had detained two Belarusian citizens in Russia for what it said was an attempted coup and assassination attempt against Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

Working in cooperation with the Belarusian KGB, Russia’s FSB detained Yuri Zyankevich, a lawyer who has dual citizenship of the United States and Belarus, and Belarusian political analyst Alexander Feduta, the FSB said in a statement.

Zero Hedge has more to say about it, but is quite inaccurate


Russian and Belarusian state sources are alleging that a major assassination and “coup” attempt of Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko has been thwarted by security services, which has further been dubbed in state media as an “armed insurrection” attempt which may have had the backing of the United States.

However, details surrounding the alleged ‘plot’ remain murky and it doesn’t appear that anything actually close to an ‘insurrection’ ever got off the ground. Instead, multiple Belarussian officials were reportedly arrested on vague suspicions of treasonous plotting. Russia’s FSB is also widely reported to have detained two conspirators in Moscow for their association with the plot.

“Several people, including two in Russia, have been arrested for allegedly plotting an armed insurrection against the Belarusian president,” RT describes of the Belarusian media reports. “He claims that the US may have sanctioned the assassination attempt.”

“Vague suspicions”?   The details are quite specific actually and include a video of the plotters.  

Hal Turner does a good job at presenting the facts , although he does not give his sources.

Details Emerge about FOILED Violent, Bloody Coup Planned for Belarus – Financed and aided by US and Poland Intelligence Agencies

Hal Turner,

21 April, 2021

In Belarus, an armed and bloody coup was planned with the support of Western intelligence services, was blown on Saturday. Western media are completely silent on the subject and they have good reasons for doing so.

It is too embarrassing what became known on Saturday. The details of the plan for the foiled coup were released on Sunday. US and Polish secret services financed Belarusian exiles in planning an armed uprising in Belarus. The coup plans have been exposed by the secret services of Russia and Belarus. The main coup plotters were arrested at a conspiratorial meeting in Moscow. The Russian secret service filmed the meeting with hidden cameras; parts of the footage have since been published.

The footage shows the ruthlessness with which the plotters, supported by the West wanted to proceed. An armed uprising with many dead, the murder of President Lukashenko and his family, and even the shutdown of the Belarusian electricity grid were planned.

It is hard to imagine what consequences such a blackout in the closely interwoven European power grid would have had on neighboring countries. The plotters discussed all of this, and the recordings were published. The West cannot deny any of this, so the Western media have (so far) consistently kept silent about the topic.

The plotters discussed all of this and the recordings were published. The West cannot deny any of this, so the Western media have (so far) consistently kept silent about the topic. Even on Sunday evening, hours after all of this was shown again in detail on the Russian program “Nachrichten der Woche”, there was not a single report about it in Germany.

Apparently the editorial offices of the “quality media” are still thinking about how to convey this story in such a way that in the end Belarus and Russia are the bad guys. We can look forward to the results of the creative work of the “quality journalists”,

I have translated the report of the Russian broadcast and I recommend that you take a look at the report, because together with my translation you can easily understand it even without knowledge of Russian. In the translation I have marked all the conversations of the plotters published by the Russian secret service in italics for better understanding .

Start of translation:

Two representatives of the radical Belarusian opposition who were preparing an armed uprising in Minsk to eliminate Alexander Lukashenko, occupy radio and television centers, and block the security forces and police, were arrested in Moscow.

That would sound like a fantasy if this plan had not been worked out by very well-known and easily recognizable people: Alexander Feduta and Juras Sjankovich. Alexander Feduta is Belarusian. Juras Sjankovich has dual citizenship of Belarus and the United States. ( Editor’s note: These are actually well-known people, Feduta is a former companion of Lukashenko and was once his press spokesman and Sjankovich is a well-known opposition politician )

It is clear that the plan should be carried out with the support of Western intelligence agencies. But the sheer simplicity with which the armed uprising in Minsk and the assassination of the head of state were planned is surprising. In the past, people were at least brought onto the streets to camouflage, so that it somehow looked like a revolution that could be given any color. The people allegedly rebelled. But this time, after the revolution in Belarus didn’t work out, it was decided to take the short cut and organize an armed uprising and an assassination attempt. And the revolution? The revolution will come later.

What was planned and how did those who planned it talk about it? And how did it turn out?

A report by Vitali Karmasin.

These pictures show the imprisonment of the American-Belarusian lawyer with dual citizenship of Jura or Yuri Sjankovich. FSB officers lead him away. He was arrested in Moscow with Alexander Feduta, political scientist and former press secretary for the Belarusian president. One lived in Moscow. The second only came for a few days to discuss the coup in Minsk at a secret meeting with an alleged Belarusian officer. ( Editor’s note: FSB is the Russian secret service . The Belarusian officer was a decoy .)

“According to information we received from the Belarusian partners, the ideologues of the radical Belarusian opposition, Sjankovich and Feduta, organized the plan of an armed uprising in Belarus in private chats of a messenger service and decided to hold a face-to-face meeting in Moscow availed themselves of the measures of secrecy “, it says in a statement of the FSB.

The meeting took place in the Korchma restaurant on the Moscow Garden Ring. You have rented a separate VIP room. The conversation started at an empty table. But Fedut and Sjankovich immediately showed their appetite to murder Lukashenko.

Sjankovich : “Task number one is to remove the most important thing. Task number two is to block the OMON security forces. Task number three is to occupy several important objects in the city center, including the radio station and the television station, so that we can read out statements. And it would be desirable to seal off Minsk so that no external troops can be called in. ” (Translator’s note: OMON is the anti-terrorist police force in Russia and Belarus)

The armed insurrection seems to have been carefully prepared. Among the goals were to occupy the information infrastructure, disorient the troops, but first and foremost was the elimination of the Commander-in-Chief and his family.

“You planned to kidnap my children, one or both, depending on the situation,” said Lukashenko.

Feduta and Sjankovich even brought a list of people who hold the highest positions in the authorities of Belarus to the meeting in the restaurant. It was planned to turn them off or take them to a concentration camp.

Feduta: “At least another 30 people have to be interned in the first hour. That means some of them are from the security forces, some are officials. The incumbent Prime Minister automatically takes over the duties of the President, so the heads of the KGB, the Interior Ministry and the investigative authority must be interned.

Sjankovich : “And the assembly of deputies.”

They had obtained the necessary information about the officers from hackers.

Sjankovich : “Our boys pulled all of their personal data from the servers of the Ministry of the Interior, the KGB and the investigative authorities. We sucked off all the data. We provide the personal data. “

Feduta and Sjankovich expected military support from the generals. The plan should be implemented by force of arms. According to the FSB, this meeting took place after appropriate consultations with Sjankovich in the United States and Poland.

“What surprises me: Why do Americans behave this way? Eventually the order was given to eliminate a president. Nobody except the top political leadership can approve that. Only they can do it, secret services cannot do it alone. Only they can do that, ”says Belarusian President Lukashenko with certainty.

According to investigators, the organizers planned to win nationalists from Kiev to prepare for the coup.

During dinner, Sjankovich explained that there were plans to involve foreigners from Warsaw and Kiev in the preparation of the coup.

Sjankovich : “I had a phone call with one of our friends in Warsaw yesterday. Listen to Juras, what other contacts do we have in Ukraine? I want to go there and talk to them all. “

A month ago, the head of the Belarusian KGB, Ivan Tertel, said that terrorist groups that were hiding in Poland and Ukraine had just been tracked down. These gangs regularly cross the Belarusian border and have set up secret weapon hiding places and prepared terrorist attacks. ( Note from the translator: I saw the reports, but due to lack of time I did not report on them at the time . Sometimes I cannot report on everything, which is unfortunately inevitable in a one-man operation. )

“We see large quantities of weapons from Ukraine being brought onto our territory to further destabilize the situation. Several so-called political migrant centers are currently active abroad; these are subversive centers in which the so-called refugees work. They are maintained by foreign secret services through various NGOs that are financed by the secret services, ”said Tertel.

The head of the KGB named Grigori Kostusev, the leader of the BPF, one of the oldest Belarusian parties, as one of the recipients of the funds. Kostusev has repeatedly taken part in insurgent meetings. As a rule, they took place online, as almost all of the defendants have long since fled Belarus.

Sjankovich : “Grigori, the question is the following, Grigori, you make sure that Luka (Lukashenko) is flattened, and who will rule Belarus afterwards, we will decide later.”

Kostusev: “If we can decide who will, yes.”

All three prisoners – Kostusev, Sjankovich and Feduta – have long been in the opposition. It started with the well-known rhetoric: the country is falling into disrepair, the government is stealing, the elections are unfair. Kostusev did not recognize the election result. He later stated in an interview that partisan war was imminent.

Kostusev: “If it takes too long, there is only this option. I don’t see any other options. “

Journalist: “We already know that you will be brigadier general on this front.”

Kostusev: “Thank you for the trust.”

Lawyer Yuri Sjankovich lived in Poland for 10 years, in the United States for 9 years, and in 2016 he suddenly decided to be elected to the Belarusian parliament by Kostusev’s party. In the past few months he has openly called for a military mutiny.

Sjankovich: ” You need violence to win!”

The third is Alexander Feduta. Together with Lukashenko, he led Lukashenko’s election campaign in 1994. Then he worked as the press secretary of the Belarusian president. He was responsible for contacts with journalists, sometimes very expressive.

Feduta later became a critic of Lukashenko. And 27 years later he prophesied the fate of Anwar Sadat, who was shot by terrorists in a parade, or that of the executed Saddam Hussein. And in the Moscow restaurant he discussed the best way to kill his former boss, the Belarusian president.

“Roughly speaking, is the first goal of the whole event, the very first, its physical destruction?”

Sjankovich : “Yes. The guys just reported to me yesterday that – if necessary – the power supply for the whole of Belarus can be switched off. “

The promised support shows that powerful forces and a lot of money were involved in the project. And it wasn’t just planned since yesterday. All three detainees actively supported the illegal rallies in Belarus last year. Yuri Sjankovich even spent 10 days in custody for participating in these actions.

The conspirators have obviously been waiting for spring. They hoped for a continuation of last year’s events. After all, such illegal actions are just one of the elements of “color revolutions”. And of course such secret meetings.

In 2012, Georgian politician Givi Targamadze discussed funding from London with Sergei Udalzov in an equally secluded atmosphere in order to destabilize the situation in Moscow. And the Ukrainian Maidan picked up pace as Western funds poured in and promises of further financial aid to the opposition were made.

But the “color revolution” did not work out in Belarus. Everyone has already forgotten Tichanovskaya and almost no one came to the first protests in late March. Then the opposition decided to proceed according to a different plan called “Tischina” (silence) and to arrange a bloody coup. They planned to act either on Belarusian independence or on Victory Day, when tank units pass by in the square in front of Lukashenko and the guests of the parade.

Sjankovich : “We are now rattling all the canals around the area. We have partisan groups with weapons stores. To do this, we have to ensure maximum distraction. Because with what is planned for May 9th, there are tanks. “

They said it would take them at least five years to transform society and the state. After the armed uprisings and murders, Belarus should become an incubator for the cultivation of democracy. In cultivation, they wanted to focus on the experiences from Poland.

Sjankovich : “If elections take place now, a Lukashenko will be elected again instead of Lukashenko. And then it goes on for another 25 years. “

Feduta: “A State Council will be set up in which all the leaders of the registered parties will sit. That is the job of the Ministry of Justice. “

Sjankovich : “I think democracy should be cultivated according to the Polish example, with local self-government.”

The ultimate goal was to reform the constitution, disempower the president and set up a national reconciliation committee.

Sjankovich and Feduta have already shared roles in the beautiful Belarus of the future.

Sjankovich : “I will be responsible for the legal reform. Accordingly, I will lead the Ministry of Justice, the courts, the drafting of a new constitution and the parliament ”

Feduta: “We will dominate the political reforms, the ideological ministries, the press, the ministry of culture, the ministry of education, the party system and the election commission.”

And at the end of the meeting, the fathers of Belarusian democracy offered the generals a classic robbery. ( Note from the translator: As a reminder: the putschists thought the Belarusian general present was on their side and wanted to motivate the generals with the prospect of dividing Lukashenko’s presumed private assets among the generals. )

Sjankovitsch : “I’m almost certain that our Alex (Lukashenko) has a wallet with reserves somewhere. You can take this opportunity. “

“On occasion, yes. But where does he have it? “

Sjankovich: “Probably at home. That is not noticed. “

After a busy lunch, both Feduta and Sjankovich were arrested. As soon as they stopped answering calls, the opposition Belarusian media reacted immediately. Some even went so far as to claim that the Belarusian secret services had kidnapped Feduta and Sjankovich directly from Moscow.

“I believe that this is a blow to the bilateral legal framework, because with no trial, no normal extradition procedures, no evidence, the Belarusian intelligence services illegally abducted people on the territory of Russia and brought them to Belarus,” said political analyst Dmitri Bolkunin.

In fact, the suspects were arrested by Russian FSB officers. So Yuri Sjankovich was placed at an apartment building in the north of the capital. The American lawyer rented a small room here. The quiet place in a dormitory was apparently chosen for the purpose of the conspiracy. It didn’t help.

The FSB handed the detainees over to their colleagues from Belarus as part of the bilateral agreement. By the way, Yuri Sjankovich immediately started threatening the investigator with complaints from the US State Department. Now the suspect is in the KGB prison in Minsk. There are also Alexander Feduta and Grigori Kostusev. According to the Belarusian Criminal Code, they face up to 12 years in prison. Each of them.

End of translation

Here are a couple of Russian explanations

Who and how prepared the murder of Lukashenko and the coup in Belarus

This story did not begin on Saturday, April 17, when President Lukashenko spoke about it, and then representatives of the KGB of Belarus and the FSB of Russia

Who and how prepared the murder of Lukashenko and the coup in Belarus

News Front,

19 April, 2021


The events were preceded by hysteria in the Belarusian opposition media, which reported the disappearance in Moscow of two Belarusian oppositionists and participants in the 2020 protest movement called “Belomaidan”.

Yuri Zenkovich and Alexander Feduta stopped communicating with their loved ones on April 11. The very next day, Zmagar information sites broadcast about this. Those who are on the topic of the history of the Ukrainian Maidan immediately remembered the choral info-hysteria of September 2000, when the opposition leader Georgy Gongadze disappeared. Just tracing paper. Everything would have gone well, in accordance with the late Gene Sharp’s training manuals, but after a week something went wrong. It turned out that the authorities completely controlled the information field and planned the game according to their own rules. From this place in order.

Playing by the rules of the authorities

Passions were in full swing. Opposition media fanned and inflated. A little earlier Svetlana Tikhanovskaya or her writers wrote that “Lukashenko will leave in May”. Why he should “leave” was not explained in any way.

Then few people believed it, taking such messages for swindle and the last attempts of emigrants to remain in the spotlight.

After Freedom Day, it became clear to everyone that the protest movement in Belarus had completely lost support. The West did not help, Russia, on the contrary, helped, the authorities are strong as never before, the courts daily pass sentences to the participants of last year’s events with very serious terms, the security forces are maximally motivated, mobilized and rallied around the “Supreme”.

Only hopeless romantics could believe that a new wave of protests, especially a victorious one, was possible. But the disappearance of two prominent zmagars gave such hope. She was also fed by the silence of the authorities. The rumor spread that Feduta and Zenkovich were kidnapped by the KGB of Belarus right in Moscow, under the nose of the FSB and in complete disregard of the Russian special services.

It was inflated that, they say, Lukashenko had completely lost his girdle, his “secret police” felt at home in Moscow, did what he wanted and completely spit on the simplest decencies. This thesis was dispersed by the very opposition platforms that had recently campaigned for secession from the Union State, breaking ties with Russia after the “victory”, fanning rumors of “Russian occupation” and other theses of Ukrainian propaganda.

The authorities of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation were silent for a whole week. And on Saturday, when a subbotnik was taking place all over Belarus, the press traditionally came to the place where Alexander Lukashenko worked. The president planted trees with his two sons. He was in a camouflage pair, in a black baseball cap with the inscription “Belarus”, and the coat of arms of the Republic of Belarus was on the chest of his jacket. Distracted from planting, the head of state told reporters that he was planting not only trees.

Spy passions

Alexander Grigorievich started talking about spies and saboteurs. About their plans for the CIA and the US FBI. He shocked the journalists that they were going to put his children “in the basement” and physically destroy him. It turned out that a cellar was already being prepared in the Gomel region, where they intended to place Nikolai and Viktor Lukashenko. Photos of the entrance to this prison were released on the same day by the media. It was told about the secret depots of weapons, mysterious “partisans” in the woods.

It would be funny if not for one “but”. The fact is that opposition telegram channels and even those who claim to be the media are constantly broadcasting about the “partisans”. Zmagars sitting abroad, all these “nekhty” and the like, in all seriousness inform their subscribers / readers that there is a kind of fighting wing of “peaceful protest” on the territory of Belarus. Stepan Putilo and other propagandists refer to these hypothetical people as armed “Belarusian partisans” who are ready for action. It is recognized that the “peaceful protest” did not justify itself, led to defeat, so now it is impossible to win “without blood”.

Voluntary allies echo the Belarusian zmagars. For example, publicist Alexander Nevzorov, who on the air last week, literally word for word, repeated everything written above. With all this in mind, it turns out that what Alexander Lukashenko said should not be looked at ironically. It turns out that the real conspirators were detained in Moscow. Lukashenko announced the names of Feduta and Zinkovich.

Further, it was quite a sensation: the FSB of Russia on its official website reported that both were taken “under the white rule” not by the KGB, but by the Russian side. The special operation was joint, it was called “Silence”. And for those who still doubt, they posted a hidden camera on the network on which Zinkovich, Feduta and their interlocutors discuss the murder of Alexander Lukashenko, the “internment” of his closest entourage, as well as lustration and the 5-year dictatorship of “democratic forces” with the participation of Feduta and Zinkovich in the role of the main chandeliers.

Because, according to them, “elections” are not needed: they will bring “new Lukashenko” to power. After that, doubting the words of the President of Belarus about the presence of a conspiracy, spies and saboteurs is simply inconvenient. Moreover, knowing that Feduta and Zinkovich are cowards, who got scared and now tell the KGB investigators everything they know.

Combat philologist

The already mentioned Russian publicist, Alexander Glebovich Nevzorov, voluntarily (albeit for a fee) has become an important information marker of Belarusian events.

For many months, every week he speaks in support of Belomaidan, illuminating his studio with the BCHB-flag, the coat of arms “Pagonya”, and ends the broadcast with the slogan “Long live Belarus”.

It was he who, last week, stated with regret that the protest movement had died because it had chosen a peaceful path. For Nevzorov, a publicist who claims to form meanings, this recognition is tantamount to personal surrender.

But he could not ignore the events. In the Sunday issue of the weekly remark “On the Go”, he commented on the incident sparingly, because he could not physically put forward a counterversion. The only argument that was presented to his listeners was based on the insignificance of the detained individuals. Alexander Feduta, according to Nevzorov, is a cowardly humanist, a philologist who has been studying the work of the Russian poet Pushkin all his life.

Alexander Glebovich kept silent about the second conspirator. And for good reason. The fact is that he was right only in assessing the personal courage of the defendants in the first criminal case in the history of Belarus under the first part of Article 357 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus – a conspiracy or other actions committed with the aim of seizing state power. But, as far as harmlessness is concerned, there it does not even smell. Zinkovich and Feduta are professional zmagars.

In this case, there are not two, but as many as seven people who were planning an attempt on Lukashenko’s life and a coup. This is not only Alexander Feduta and Yuri Zenkovich. But also Grigory Kostusev, Alexander Perepechko, Pavel Kulazhenko, Dmitry Shchigelsky and Igor Makar. All of them have known the KGB for a long time. Feduta is, of course, a Pushkin scholar, but also the author of the book “Lukashenko. Political biography”- the first political biography of Alexander Lukashenko, written by a member of his first campaign headquarters, who was the current conspirator in 1994.

In 2010 Feduta was imprisoned in the KGB “American” pre-trial detention center for the then attempt to overthrow Lukashenko with the participation of the street. 10 years ago Feduta also hid behind the word “philologist”. What worked: philologists from Russia and other countries turned to the President and the Government of the Russian Federation in defense of their colleague. Another appeal was signed by art workers, journalists, scientists, musician Yuri Shevchuk, TV presenter Alexander Arkhangelsky, literary critic Nikolai Bogomolov, poets Mikhail Aizenberg, Natalya Gorbanevskaya and Timur Kibirov and other humanitarian workers. Feduta was recognized as a “prisoner of conscience”, he was released on recognizance not to leave, and he received a suspended sentence. This will now worsen his current punishment.

American citizen

A US citizen “Yuras Zyankovich”, Yuriy Zenkovich, is involved in the case.

His family came from Ukraine, where the person under investigation studied. Zinkovich has a lot in common with Kiev, including his struggle. After graduating from the Ukrainian Academy of Banking in 2007, he emigrated to the United States. History is silent on what grounds, because the United States of America no longer accepts anyone who wants to go there. But Zinkovich not only left, but also became a citizen (which he hid from the authorities of the Republic of Bashkortostan), and also received a lawyer’s license.

But he did not renounce the citizenship of the Republic of Belarus, which has now played against him – according to the law, he is a Belarusian citizen who can be imprisoned for crimes.

Zenkovich’s law practice in the United States went wrong in two states at once. He worked mainly with emigrants, worked poorly, did not return advances to clients. As a result, his license was suspended through courts in two states. It is logical that Zinkovich showed up in Belarus and began to take part in protest movements. It is he who, on video footage of the FSB, articulates the theses about the “liquidation” of Alyaksandr Lukashenko and the internment “in the basement” of his closest associates, including his sons.

During the coup, Zenkovich prepared for himself the role of a creator of meanings at the head of a new media network. This happened even before August 2020, he recruited people who would form the backbone of the “revolutionary press” after the coup d’etat. Even a preliminary broadcasting schedule was thought over, which was to be launched immediately after gaining control over television and radio.

After the failure of the August coup and the fading of street protests, Zenkovich took up the subject of the coup, completely unaware that the KGB was already working on it. So now he sits in the KGB “American” pre-trial detention center and testifies against other participants in the conspiracy. The United States and Poland disowned him, stating that they had nothing to do with this person.

Today, Yuri Zinkovich and Alexander Feduta face 12 years in prison. The US ambassador will not help either. It still does not exist, and most likely it will no longer be. In any case, in the coming years. Julie Fisher, approved by Trump and the Senate, said she did not come to Minsk due to the lack of a visa. After joint photographs with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya under the BCHB-flag, there will be no visa. But the shortest career of the US ambassador to Belarus will be a precedent for the Guinness Book of Records – perhaps the first ambassador in modern history, who never took his place in the embassy.


Zinkovich and Feduta were taken by FSB specialists in Moscow. The secret service handed them over to the Belarusian KGB. Both were really preparing an assassination attempt. They were really patronized by the United States, whose experts gave instructions.

Their reserve sites were the territories of Poland and Ukraine. The United States is interested in this, since its task is to destabilize the situation around Russia.

We see how the degree of conflicts is deliberately escalated in the belt of puppet states: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic. Just read the headlines of recent times. Anti-Russian statements, protests against Russians and Russian-speakers, arrests, media shutdowns, and so on.

In this situation, a sacrifice was needed, which would completely destabilize the entire situation. It is logical that it could be Alexander Lukashenko, whose murder, according to the plan of overseas strategists, could lead to chaos in Belarus, and, possibly, in Russia.

The FSB worked well, but it is obvious that the philologists-putschists are just the beginning. Around Ukraine, a real pre-war hysteria is being whipped up, enough spark to explode. An assassination attempt on Lukashenko would be a gift: it would shift the focus from Ukraine to Belarus. If someone would suggest that similar info-reasons in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan are possible in the near future, he is unlikely to be mistaken. The Democrats who are directly responsible for the coup in Ukraine in 2014 are back in the game. But something is already going wrong with them. Everything is calm in Minsk, Mogilev, Brest, Gomel, although the people are alarmed by the situation, they live a normal life. And Lukashenko on Saturday announced an important decision on the Union State. We wait.

Maxim Maximov, Ukraina.ru

Minsk: coup failed, but too early to relax

Минск: путч провалился, но расслабляться рано

19 April, 2021
In order to understand that something is being prepared in Belarus, one did not have to be seven inches in the forehead or have exclusive information. Banal logic dictated (and I said and wrote about this) that in order to hope for success, the planned American operation against Russia should not have been limited to Ukraine’s attack on Donbass.
The Americans may not be highly intellectual, but (unlike their Ukrainian wards) they are able to generalize their experience.Well, the experience of 2014-15 shows that, even without the direct participation of regular Russian formations (with limited support then still not very similar to a normal army of republican militias with equipment and “vacationers”), the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer catastrophic defeats at an enviable speed. Since Moscow made it clear that in the event of a Ukrainian attack, it would not show restraint, it made no sense to throw Ukraine into battle – it would have been erased into dust before the Americans had time to start implementing their plan.The plan was also no secret to anyone. It was necessary to organize not just a Ukrainian-Russian war, but a war involving at least some members of the EU and NATO.Poles and Balts showed willingness to take risks, but their participation had to be somehow legendary. The Balts do not even border with Ukraine, and it would be difficult for the Poles to explain their campaign for help, while the participants in the Normandy format (France and Germany), who are also Poland’s senior comrades in the EU, were going to confine themselves to expressing concern and appeals to mercy.

So, it was necessary to solve a double task: to give time for the Polish-Baltic limitrophes to get involved in the conflict, and also to provide them with a convenient platform and convincing motivation for this. The attempted coup in Belarus solved both problems.

Russia suddenly received another front. I draw your attention to the fact that the conversation in a Moscow restaurant irrefutably testifies to the fact that the conspirators did not believe that after the murder of Lukashenka, the power itself would fall into their hands. We are talking about the blockade of Minsk, the internment of several dozen leading politicians, the “symbolic” seizure of several buildings and the appeal on TV and radio. I do not think that everything would be limited to an appeal to the people of Belarus. In such cases, the conspirators always appeal to the world community and ask for help.

The putschists had no doubt that a significant part of the security forces would provide them with armed resistance. That is, a civil war will begin. Therefore, they tried to immediately decapitate this resistance, removing everyone who could centrally manage the resistance to the putsch. In addition, it was important for them that while Russia realizes what happened and creates a new grouping of troops to help Belarusians in suppressing the putsch, the limitrophes would receive an official invitation to intervene and send troops. That is, so that not the Poles enter the country in which the Russian army is already located, but Russia reacted to the appearance of Polish troops in Belarus.

The military result would not have changed from this – the Russian army would have stopped where the Russian leadership would have found it necessary. But the Americans would get a political advantage in putting pressure on their obstinate Western European partners. Their interpretation of events would be as follows:
• the Belarusian people overthrew the bloody tyrant;
• accomplices of tyranny unleashed a war against the rebellious people;
• the people asked the “civilized world” for help;
• all neighbors of Belarus (including Ukraine) responded immediately;
• Russia alone sent an army to suppress a popular uprising, and at the same time began an aggression against the freedom-loving Balts and Ukrainians (in the confusion, no one would have begun to figure out who attacked whom in Donbass, Russia would be to blame).

It would be very difficult for Western Europeans to “disbelieve” this interpretation. Moreover, the Americans were clearly preparing to involve Georgia in the war as well. In Tbilisi, in recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about the need to return Abkhazia and Ossetia by armed means.

The plan itself was pretty good. Formally, no one encroaches on Russian territory. The hostilities are unfolding in the territories of Belarus, Ukraine (Donbass) and Abkhazia with Ossetia, which the West recognizes as Georgia, and Russia as independent states. The Russian army, instead of a concentrated strike on the Ukraine that attacked the Donbass, is forced to act throughout the entire space from the Baltic to the Caspian, and it is not rubber. It is not Ukraine that is involved in the war with Russia, but a whole coalition of six or seven countries. Moreover, they all claim that Russia attacked them. Whom should Paris and Berlin “believe” in this case?

Yes, Russia will win the war, but at the cost of a complete break with Europe, which is what the Americans want. And the losses, including economic ones, will be significant. And America does not mind the limitrophes.

The conspiracy is exposed by the FSB. Although the Russian special service claims that it worked in contact with Belarusian colleagues, I strongly doubt it. Firstly, such cooperation should have been sanctioned by Lukashenka, and he is very unreliable in terms of information. He can go out to journalists on emotions and blurt out anything. Moreover, no one knows when and what wave of emotions will cover him.

Secondly, the story of the detention in the summer, on the eve of the Belarusian elections, of Russian citizens accused of preparing the overthrow of Lukashenka, showed that the KGB of Belarus is not the most reliable partner. You can talk about the Ukrainian provocation as much as you like. I readily believe that the SBU took part in the operation. But the arrests were carried out by the Belarusian KGB, and he also informed Lukashenka that these people came to overthrow him. There can be only two explanations: betrayal and unprofessionalism. It doesn’t matter which one is true: it would be too rash to entrust such partners with the fate of the operation on which the prevention of a European war depends.

The FSB announced the arrest and transfer of the American visitors Zenkovich and  Feduta to Belarus . But the FSB report does not say anything about the fate of the two Belarusian generals with whom the opposition was negotiating. This is logical. Americans shouldn’t know for sure whether the generals were real traitors or FSB bait.

In principle, before sending its emissaries to negotiations (and even to Moscow), American intelligence should not just approach potential partners, but have a complete dossier on them and be one hundred percent certain that they are exactly who they claim to be. … It is clear that the Americans did not run up to every Belarusian soldier with big stars shouting: “I am an American spy! I pay good money for the murder of Lukashenka! ” At the very least, in order to strike up a conversation, they had to collect substantial compromising evidence on the object being developed. The organization of a military coup and the assassination of the head of state is too serious a matter for even a simple corrupt official to agree to it. Moreover, the death penalty has not been abolished in Belarus and is used.

So the generals had to be real. But the Americans cannot know for sure whether they remained loyal to them until the moment of their arrest or were recruited by the FSB long ago. Until they know this, it is difficult for them to make the right decision on the further fate of the prepared Belarusian putsch. They should have received a significant part of the information about the mood in the Belarusian army from the same generals. I do not think that the United States has so many sources among the high-ranking Belarusian military. It is this information that is key to the preparation of the putsch. After all, generals only give orders, they are carried out by colonels, captains and majors, and in the end – by ordinary soldiers. Moreover, if the latter may not know where and why they are being taken, then the officers need to more or less fully explain the task. Therefore, in order for the putsch mechanism to work,

The Americans believed that the required number of traitors would be found among the officers of the Belarusian army. Now they need to understand: was their information accurate or was it disinformation carefully prepared for them by the FSB in order to lure their emissaries to Moscow?

Why is it important that Americans do not know exactly about the role of the Belarusian generals?

Because if a prepared putsch fails, there are two main scenarios for action:

1. Postpone the event indefinitely by preparing it from scratch.
2. To force events, starting the performance earlier than planned, before the authorities had time to unwind the whole tangle.

The Americans are interested in the second option. They have no time to wait. They are already losing to Russia and China on all fronts, and a new putsch cannot be prepared in a month.

After the failure of the color scenario, which was implemented in Minsk in August-September 2020, it took the Americans more than six months to bring the force scenario into readiness mode. Now the underground asset will be partially knocked out, some of the traitors in power who have so far managed to maintain Lukashenka’s trust will come under attack. On the whole, Russia’s positions in Belarus will be strengthened. Lukashenka, of course, will not give up hopes of maintaining complete independence, but he will not forget the attempt of his (and his family) physical liquidation to the West. His room for maneuver was significantly limited. Russia for him is now the guarantor of the preservation of not power, but life.

Of course, all the traitors will not be caught, and the entire underground asset will not be jailed. This has never been done by anyone in history. But the possibilities of the Americans on the Belarusian territory will be significantly reduced. Therefore, they have to hurry.


And there is evidence that they are trying to force things. In particular, in addition to an attack on Russia along the entire perimeter of the western border, it was planned to destabilize the situation inside the country. Not surprisingly, Navalny’s supporters planned their actions on the same dates as the Belarusian coup d’etat. Moreover, on May 8-9, during the days of festivities, it would be easier for them to overestimate their numbers: there are a lot of people everywhere – go figure out who just went out for a walk and who is the oppositionist. And it is more convenient to arrange provocations in such a crowd.

But suddenly the opposition decides to postpone its speeches until April 21. We will not, they say, wait until half a million supporters gather, we will leave right now. But, apart from exposing the Belarusian conspiracy, nothing happened. But since the activities of all the conspirators were coordinated by the Americans, the caught Belarusians can provide material on their Russian colleagues as well. In addition, it is clear that the FSB already worked on them and, if it has already worked so much for Belarusians, one can only guess how much it has worked out on its own.

I would like to emphasize once again that the Americans were preparing simultaneous performances in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and Georgia. Consequently, if the date of the speech of the Russian opposition is shifted, it is highly likely that the United States has made a choice in favor of forcing events as much as possible. But, not knowing exactly what they can count on in Belarus, they cannot adequately plan their actions. Meanwhile, it was precisely the synchronicity of the speeches that gave the United States hope for success. Scattered actions by Russia will be quickly suppressed without much consequences for it.

Moreover, another catastrophic defeat of the American allies in Ukraine will seriously undermine the already breathing authority of the United States. I am not even sure that under the current conditions Washington will be able to get an open speech from Georgia. After all, Saakashvili is now chewing ties in Kiev, and the current Georgian politicians do not want to try on his experience of 2008. After all, it is one thing to get involved in a European war against Russia with the hope of success, and quite another to decide on suicide together with Ukraine. Meanwhile, without Belarus, imparting a European character to the conflict is problematic, and the situation in Minsk, which the United States considered fully controlled on April 15, is now not in control.

You can retreat, realizing that it will be problematic to gather forces for a second offensive. You can decide on an adventure that is almost guaranteed to end in a catastrophic defeat for Washington. Whether America will decide to raise rates again, we will find out within the next two weeks. It is now pointless and even harmful to delay the United States until May 9th. The more time has passed since the exposure of the conspiracy, the less chances that significant forces of conspirators will be able to organize and act, avoiding the preventive measures of the special services.

In addition, people react to danger in different ways: someone (the minority) begins to defend themselves, and someone runs to surrender. There are also those who oppose their colleagues in the conspiracy, hoping that the authorities will not find out about their role. All three psychological types of conspirators are clearly visible in the conspiracy against Hitler on July 20, 1944. As soon as the conspirators found out that Hitler was still alive, and most of them simply deserted, even the formal head of Field Marshal Erwin von Witzleben went home. Some, like Field Marshal Gunther von Kluge,  began to arrest their fellow conspirators.

Nevertheless, the danger has not yet passed. The last days of April will be critical not only for Belarus and Russia, but also for Europe and the world as a whole. The US may still try to slam the door loudly. 

Of course, they were not involved! Lol.

USA denies involvement in preparation of assassination attempt on Lukashenko

The United States of America is not involved in the conspiracy against the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, according to the US State Department. This was reported on April 18 by the RIA Novosti news agency.

“We have seen reports in the Russian state media about the alleged conspiracy against Alexander Lukashenko , as well as his own statements in the media. Any assumptions that the US authorities were behind the attempted assassination of Lukashenka or participated in it are absolutely untrue, ”said a representative of the State Department.

Earlier, the Belarusian leader announced the arrest of a group that was planning an attack on him and his sons. According to him, the assassination attempt was allegedly approved by the top leadership of the United States. Among other things, the detainees were planning a military coup in the republic.

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