Biden Administration Actively BLOCKING the Private Extractions Of Americans By Private Operators

Biden Administration Actively BLOCKING the Private Extractions Of Americans By Private Operators

Red Star State,

29 August, 2021


A group of highly trained US military veterans has been conducting secret rescue missions behind the Biden State Department’s back, rescuing hundreds of Afghan allies from Afghanistan with their heroic efforts.

Furious over the terrible situation in which they had already sacrificed so much to prevent when they served, the team of retired specialists, including Green Berets and Navy SEALS, risked their lives. They volunteered to travel to Kabul because they were afraid that Joe Biden was abandoning at-risk Afghan elite forces, leaving them to die at the hands of terrorists.

But it seems that the Biden administration will prevent them from rescuing more Afghan allies or American citizens that are left behind enemy lines

John Cardillo reported:

Now being told that State Dept. is telling nations surrounding Afghanistan not to allow private jets handling the private extractions to land and/or refuel.

This will make the unauthorized rescue and extraction missions to get Americans and Afghan allies out of the country significantly more difficult.

Military-connected sources told Becker News the rationale behind denying private flights to be refueled in the region is that air space is being cleared for further evacuations. But the order also conflicts with reports that evacuations have temporarily halted for Americans wanting to leave Kabul airport.

There are reports that US citizens are fighting through enemy lines to get to the airport. When they show their blue passport to 82nd soldiers at the gate, many are turned away & sent back to the Taliban.

NATO statement says that they stopped the evacuations:

We regret to inform you that international military evacuations from Kabul airport have ended and we are no longer able to call anyone forward for evacuation flights. We will keep lists of all of you who have registered

The mains question is why are they leaving Americans stranded, after all the private operators are their only hope?

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