Biden COVID Adviser Publicly Promises National Vaccine Passport in 3.5 Weeks

Biden COVID Adviser Publicly Promises National Vaccine Passport in 3.5 Weeks

Hal Turner,

14 August, 2021


Andy Slavitt is an American businessman and healthcare advisor who served as the acting administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services from March 2015 to January 2017 and as a temporary Senior Advisor to the COVID-19 Response Coordinator in the Biden administration.

Slavitt tweeted the following:



A load of his followers on Twitter begged him to do something so that people could not get or use CDC Vaccine Record Cards, which are already being forged by the tens-of-thousands, by people who refuse to receive the Death Dart / Clot Shot poison vaccine.

Slavitt responded to those Twitter requests for something that could not be forged by posting:



The Gauntlet has clearly been thrown down.  This guy Slavitt was actually IN the Biden White House.  He has absolute and irrefutable inside contacts.  He KNOWS what he’s saying when he promises “3.5 weeks.”

Folks who read this article need to step-up right now and make known to Congress that we will NOT accept being forced into a vaccine, or having our freedom curtailed by some Vaccine Passport for a sickness which is little more than a nasty Flu.

Politicians need to start hearing very assertive folks telling them in no uncertain terms we will not comply and if they want to make a fight out of it, we are prepared to use FORCE to defend ourselves from their vaccine.  It’s called “self-defense” when someone is trying to stab you with a syringe you don’t want!

If it’s a fight they want, then they need to know — RIGHT NOW — it’s a fight they will get.

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