Biden Targeting All Patriots In Official  ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Strategy Doc While Completely Ignoring The Death, Devastation And Damage Of Antifa/BLM Riots

Biden Targeting All Patriots In Official  ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Strategy Doc While Completely Ignoring The Death, Devastation And Damage Of Antifa/BLM Riots

Media hushes up report suggesting FBI involvement in Capitol riot, as White House turns anti-terrorism efforts on American people

Media hushes up report suggesting FBI involvement in Capitol riot, as White House turns anti-terrorism efforts on American people
Court filings suggest that FBI operatives were among the mob who stormed the US Capitol in January, and may have set up the riot. With the riot used as justification for new terrorism policy, the media is downplaying the story.

Fox News broadcast possibly the most consequential report in recent cable news history on Tuesday night. Fox host Tucker Carlson alleged that the Capitol Hill riot on January 6 – dubbed an “insurrection,” an “assault on our democracy,” and “domestic terrorism” – may have been, at least partly, an inside job.

Carlson’s claims were first made a day earlier by Revolver News, an upstart right-wing news site. Revolver pored over charging documents against members of the ‘Oath Keepers’ and ‘Proud Boys’ militias who took part in the riots, and discovered that alongside the rioters were dozens of “unindicted co-conspirators.” These co-conspirators (UCCs for short) allegedly committed crimes equal to or greater than those of the militia members, but were kept anonymous in the court documents and not charged.

Some of them allegedly booked and paid for hotel rooms for militia members, others provided transport to Washington DC. They set up communications channels on walkie-talkie-style apps, and used these apps to whip their comrades into a riotous frenzy. “I want to see thousands of normies burn that city to ash today,” one UCC said in a Proud Boys group chat, while another, identified only as “Person 1,” replied, “God let it happen… I will settle with seeing them smash some pigs to dust.”

One alleged member of the Oath Keepers, 65-year-old Thomas Caldwell of Virginia, was charged with conspiracy, obstructing an official proceeding, destruction of government property, and unlawful entry on restricted building or grounds – a rap sheet that could see him face 20 years in prison. However, a certain “Person Two” who took part in the exact same actions as Caldwell was not charged. Neither was a “Person Three” who offered Caldwell a hotel room and spoke of bringing explosives to the riot.

Bumbling Biden’s attempt to battle domestic terror seems doomed to end up targeting the wrong peopleThe fact that these individuals have not been named is suspicious, but isn’t conclusive proof of foul play. Co-conspirators often remain anonymous and escape charges if they strike plea deals and inform on their comrades. Yet the first plea deal in the Oath Keepers case was struck in April, three months after the first indictment mentioned UCCs. Altogether, 20 UCCs were mentioned in the Oath Keepers case.

Other reasons for anonymity are “pragmatic considerations and evidentiary concerns,” broad terms that at least in the Caldwell ‘Oath Keepers’ case, don’t add up, given the evidence against “Person Two” is every bit as solid as that against Caldwell.

The FBI has admitted to infiltrating right-wing militias before, and when the country’s attention was focused on the threat of Islamic terrorism rather than white extremism, research suggests that three quarters of would-be jihadist bombers were given the explosives to carry out their attacks by the FBI.

FBI hypes QAnon threat again, says some conspiracy theorists ‘likely’ to attack DemocratsThe militia plot last year to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer was orchestrated almost entirely by the FBI. The plotters’ driver and ‘explosives expert’ were both agents, while the militia’s head of security was an undercover informant. At every meeting leading up to the supposed kidnap attempt, an FBI source was present, and out of the five men who drove a van to kidnap Whitmer, three were FBI agents and informants. In a further bizarre coincidence, the FBI agent in charge of the infiltration operation was promoted after the plot was foiled, and given a position in the agency’s Washington DC field office. He now oversees the prosecution of hundreds of Capitol rioters.

Again, none of this proves federal involvement in the events of January 6. It merely suggests the possibility. A bipartisan Senate report blames the riot on “intelligence failures,” and FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate in March that his agency would “do better” to prevent such incidents from taking place in the future. Revolver called for lawmakers to ask Wray three questions in light of the latest report.

In short, the questions are: To what extent were the militia groups present on January 6 infiltrated by federal agencies or their informants? Exactly how many agents or informants were present at the Capitol during the infamous “siege” and what roles did they play? And finally, of all the UCCs referenced in the charging documents, how many worked as confidential informants or undercover operatives for the federal government?

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (R), a stalwart defender of former President Donald Trump, has already written to Wray asking these exact questions. 

However, the mainstream media has rushed to attack Carlson and Revolver News founder Darren Beattie, calling their claims “baseless” “conspiracy theories” and “propaganda.”

Twitter even posted a warning on Wednesday, reminding users that “federal law does not permit cooperating witnesses or informants to be charged with conspiracy, despite a baseless suggestion by Tucker Carlson.” However, Twitter’s warning makes the exact same argument as Carlson did – that the witnesses or informants were not charged, as they were witnesses or informants.

Whether or not the FBI took part in or partly instigated the riot, the events of January 6 have already been used to drum up support for a new domestic war on terrorism. Hundreds of defendants have been arrested in what prosecutors termed a “shock and awe” campaign. Liberal pundits compared the riot to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, while penning articles calling for a dramatic expansion of the surveillance state and the forcible “re-education” of Donald Trump’s supporters.

And the Biden administration is on board. A month after Attorney General Merrick Garland told the Senate that “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists… specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race,” are the nation’s top terrorist threat, the White House released its new domestic terrorism strategy on Wednesday. The strategy promises an extra $100 million for the Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department, and also states that the federal government will work closer with social media companies to combat “extremist content,” and “disinformation and misinformation” – nebulous terms used by many to denote content that counters the establishment narrative.

The report also promises funding for all federal agencies to “ensure domestic terrorists are not employed within our military or law enforcement ranks.” Its stated goal is “to prevent individuals who pose domestic terrorism threats from being placed in positions of trust.”

With “domestic terrorist” and “Trump supporter” often conflated by the media and top Democrats, the strategy will likely be seen by the right as an attempt to politically purge the nation’s institutions. Regardless of whether the true extent of alleged federal involvement in the January 6 riot is ever uncovered, Americans will be living with the consequences of that day for years, if not decades, to come.

Red Alert! Biden Targeting All Patriots In Official  ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Strategy Doc While Completely Ignoring The Death, Devastation And Damage Of Antifa/BLM Riots

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

The morning here was spent reading through a 32-page Biden regime strategy document for “countering domestic terrorism,” where “white” supremacists, racism and bigotry against Blacks, Jews and Asians, are all highlighted and addressed while completely ignoring the targeted attacks against Whites and the death, devastation and damage done by groups like Antifa and BLM. 

For example: In the document the events on January 6, 2021 at the U.S. capitol are addressed specifically, but no mention of the countless federal buildings, sustained riots in places like Portland,  Seattle and other places, other than general references to “anti-authority” and “anti-capitalism,” groups, which remained nameless. 

Recently we saw reports of a black man who went on a two-state shooting spree, deliberately targeting “white males,” in just the latest attacks aimed against white people that the media is silent on because it doesn’t match the narrative being pushed that America itself is a “racist” nation.

That is the type of situation one would be expected to be included when talking about targeting a specific race, yet that is obviously not considered “racism” to the Biden regime, because the people targeted for death were “white.”

In reading through the document, we specifically looked for a balance, the targeting of all violent extremists, yet what we saw was the direct attempt to label everyone that disagrees with the media and Democrat orthodoxy, as “DVEs” which stands for “Domestic Violent Extremists.”   

The full 32-page document is embedded below, so readers can go through it and find what they believe is the most egregious portions.

A few things that jumped out at me, listed below.

Page 2 offers insight into the type of  criminal behavior they are specifying, but what stands out when looking for balance is the type of criminal activity that is ignored.


Too often over the past several years, American communities have felt the wrenching pain of domestic terrorism. Black church members slaughtered during their bible study in Charleston. A synagogue in Pittsburgh targeted for supporting immigrants. A gunman spraying bullets at an El Paso Walmart to target Latinos…..

Granted, each of those examples are horrendous and should be investigated to try to find away to recognize the dangers of certain individuals, but what is missing?

The increase in attacks against white, such as a black man with a saw going after two white women in a laundromat.


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Attacks against random white people in NY.


Over at Truth Hurtz Blog there are more examples of the type of incidents that the countering “domestic terrorism” document completely ignores, showing that all crimes are not equal and are not addressed if the crime is against a white person.

Make no mistake, we are not claiming the attacks against whites are any worse than the attacks against other racial groups. We are saying they all need to be addressed or the document itself is an anti-white plan to target not only groups of violent domestic terrorists, but to use the document to label all patriots as domestic terrorists while ignore true domestic terrorism happening on the streets of America.   

Page 5 offers the same type of examples, but against ignores any and all attacks against whites and only highlights attacks against other groups.

Domestic terrorism is not a new threat in the United States. It has, over centuries, taken many American lives and spilled much American blood – especially in communities deliberately and viciously targeted on the basis of hatred and bigotry. After the Civil War, for example, the Ku Klux Klan waged a campaign of terror to intimidate Black voters and their white supporters and deprive them of political power, killing and injuring untold numbers of Americans. The Klan and other white supremacists continued to terrorize Black Americans and other minorities in the decades that followed. In recent years, we have seen a resurgence of this and related threats in one horrific incident after another: the shooting and killing of 23 people at a retail store in El Paso; the vehicular killing of a peaceful protestor in Charlottesville; the shooting and killing of three people at a garlic festival in Gilroy; the arson committed at a mosque in Victoria, Texas; the appalling rise in violence and xenophobia directed against Asian Americans; the surge in anti–Semitism; and more.

Not one example of whites being targeted, despite the increase in those types of attacks. Unless of course that is covered in the last word simply listed as “more.”

Page 10 we a very disturbing trend of what the Biden regime considers “dangerous” and as promoting violence.

The Intelligence Community (IC) assesses that domestic violent extremists (DVEs) who are motivated by a range of ideologies and galvanized by recent political and societal events in the United States pose an elevated threat to the Homeland in 2021. Enduring DVE motivations pertaining to biases against minority populations and perceived government overreach will almost certainly continue to drive DVE radicalization and mobilization to violence. Newer sociopolitical developments–such as narratives of fraud in the recent general election, the emboldening impact of the violent breach of the U.S. Capitol, conditions related to the COVID–19 pandemic, and conspiracy theories promoting violence–will almost certainly spur some DVEs to try to engage in violence this year.

So, question the election irregularities and you are posing an “elevated threat” to America. Question “conditions,” or the overreaching lockdowns, or the origin of the COVID-19 Wuhan virus and you are “spurring” crazy people into doing crazy things.

My favorite is the “conspiracy theories” promoting violence part, because last year talking about Hunter Biden’s scandals was labeled a “conspiracy theory,”  yet after the election it was reported the scandals were real and the truth was deliberately hidden from the public. 

Discussing the origins and the likelihood of the Wuhan virus being developed in a lab, was considered a “conspiracy.” Now there are full investigations because more evidence has shown that “conspiracy theory” is most likely true.

Anything they label as a conspiracy theory, if discussed, is considered “promoting violence.”

They are setting up anyone that refuses to toe the official narrative line to be labeled a DVE.

 The document goes on to to list their strategic pillars and goals, which reads much the same, basically more spying on Americans, more infiltrating and spying on online activities, which they list under strategic goal 2.2, “Address online terrorist recruitment and mobilization to violence by domestic terrorists.”

This document is being dubbed  the “Patriot Act on steroids.”

The full document, upload by Stefan Stanford for ANP, below and the original PDF found here

Readers are encouraged to list anything they find concerning in this document, in the comment section below.

National Strategy for Count… uploaded by All News Pipeline

Biden Administration Asks Americans to Report ‘Potentially’ Radicalized Friends and Family

US President Joe Biden attends a EU - US summit at the European Union headquarters in Brussels on June 15, 2021. (Photo by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / AFP) (Photo by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images)

President Joe Biden’s administration announced their plans to create ways for Americans to report radicalized friends and family to the government, in an effort to fight domestic terrorism.

In a conversation with reporters, one senior administration official explained the importance of stopping politically fueled violence before it started.

“We will work to improve public awareness of federal resources to address concerning or threatening behavior before violence occurs,” the official said.

The official cited the Department of Homeland Security’s “If you see something say something” campaign to help stop radical Islamic terror as a domestic possibility.

“This involves creating contexts in which those who are family members or friends or co-workers know that there are pathways and avenues to raise concerns and seek help for those who they have perceived to be radicalizing and potentially radicalizing towards violence,” the official said.

Biden began his presidency with a stark warning in his inauguration speech about the “rise in political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat.” On June 1, Biden described the threat from “white supremacy” as the “most lethal threat to the homeland today.”

The Biden administration said it would also work with large technology companies on “increased information sharing” to help combat radicalization.

“Any particular tech company often knows its own platform very well,” the official noted. “But the government sees things — actually, threats of violence — across platforms. They see the relationship between online recruitment, radicalization, and violence in the physical world.”

The Department of Homeland Security also plans to deploy “digital literacy” and “digital fitness” programs to help combat “malicious content online that bad actors deliberately try to disseminate.”

The official reassured reporters that the administration’s new strategies would remain “laser-focused” on stopping violent acts.

“This is a strategy that is agnostic as to political ideology or off the spectrum,” the official said. “What matters is when individuals take their political or other grievances and turn that — unacceptably, unlawfully — into violent action.”

The official added the Biden administration was taking the threat of domestic terrorism seriously and would redirect the focus of intelligence agencies on internal threats.

“We are investing many agencies of the government and resourcing them appropriately and asking our citizens to participate,” the official said. “Because, ultimately, this is really about homeland security being a responsibility of each citizen of our country to help us achieve.”

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