Biden’s Border Blunder

Biden’s Border Blunder

Biden’s Border Blunder: 15,000 Migrants Under Texas Bridge Forces Gov. Abbott To Send In Troopers

Update (1120ET): Fox News’ Bill Melugin tweets a new aerial visual of the 15,000 migrants under Anzalduas Bridge in Mission, Texas. 

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Update (0958ET): The utter failure of the Biden administration to take control of the border crisis unfolding under the Anzalduas Bridge in Mission, Texas, resulted in Governor Greg Abbott sending State Troopers and National Guard members to secure the area. 

New figures from Fox News’ Bill Melugin estimate nearly 15,000 migrants are currently under the Anzalduas Bridge as they wait to be processed by Border Patrol agents. Melugin has flown his drone over the area to show an aerial view of the increasing migrants, mostly Haitians, crossing the Mexico–US border and gathering under the bridge. 

While the Biden administration sat back and ignored the deteriorating situation this weekend, Abbott directed State Troopers and National Guard personnel to stem the flow of migrants and secure the border on Saturday evening. 

“The Texas Department of Public Safety is in full force along the border around the Del Rio area,” Abbott tweeted. “They have built a barricade with their squad cars and State Troopers. The National Guard is working with them to secure the border.”

Melugin has been reporting from the bridge for more than a month. We first noted his reporting on Aug. 2 when there were around 1,000 migrants. With nearly 15,000, the situation is a significant issue, but pro-Biden media seemingly ignore it. 

The Texas Department of Public Safety tweeted aerial photos of the border crisis and how their men and woman in uniform stopped the flow of migrants, noting: “the federal government has failed to secure the border.”

We noted there are talks in Washington that the Biden administration may restart “widescale expulsion of Haitian migrants from a small Texas border city by putting them on flights to Haiti starting Sunday,” according to AP News. Deportation flights to Haiti were paused last month due to a powerful earthquake that devastated the country. 

Ahead of the 2022 midterms, Biden’s failures on the border will give Republicans a possible boost. 

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For a month and a half, we’ve been keeping an eye on the developments of thousands of migrants gathering under the Anzalduas Bridge in Mission, Texas. On Aug. 2, we first reported stunning drone footage from Fox News’ Bill Melugin, who captured 1,000 migrants under the bridge surrounded by US Border Patrol agents. Now the number of migrants has increased to more than 11,000, and the federal government imposed a no-fly zone for unmanned aircraft systems.

The Biden administration’s attempt to cover up the border disaster by blocking drones didn’t stop Melugin and his team who hitched a ride on a Texas Department of Public Safety’s helicopter to capture an aerial view of the migrant crisis, mostly Haitians, crossing the Mexico–US border with ease and gathering under the bridge as they wait to be processed by Border Patrol agents. 

Melugin took shocking videos of thousands of migrants not just crossing the border but gathered underneath the bridge, a testament to the Biden administration’s mishandling of the migration crisis. 

Melugin thanked the Texas Department of Public Safety for allowing his team to fly with them while the FAA grounded his drone. He said, “the true scope of the situation in Del Rio is seen best from the air,” adding the FAA has now “cleared us to fly our drone again after FOX submitted a waiver.”

On Saturday morning, the Texas Department of Public Safety released more footage from the bridge. 

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration fails to see the border crisis as they completely ignore the growing problem.  

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) requested the president to deploy National Guard along the southern border. He stated Friday that thousands of illegal immigrants, mainly from Haiti, are assembling under the bridge. 

“The Biden Administration must recognize this for what it is: A National Security Crisis. As such he must fully deploy the National Guard to the southern border to help our Border Patrol agents with more resources to control the situation.

“Recently, over 10,000 migrants have surged to the border in Del Rio. It is no coincidence this is happening as Democrats in Congress are moving to pass legislation that would grant immediate citizenship for up to 10 million illegal immigrants. This is a wakeup call to Democrats that their policies are putting American lives in danger and must be abandoned,” McCarthy said.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who traveled to the bridge on Thursday, called it “the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen.”

“There are right now, as we’re speaking, there are 10,503 people under that bridge. It is packed in as a mass of humanity,” Cruz said. “They take your breath away because it just goes on and on and on—infants, little children, people struggling enormously.”

Cruz criticized the Biden administration for the situation and called for deportation flights of the migrants.

“It’s a political decision that Joe Biden could end tonight by simply following the law and saying we’re going to send people back to Haiti, which is what federal immigration law requires,” Cruz said.

The Biden administration paused deportation flights to Haiti after a powerful earthquake devastated the country last month. There’s talk the administration may restart “widescale expulsion of Haitian migrants from a small Texas border city by putting them on flights to Haiti starting Sunday,” according to AP News. 

Biden’s rollback of Trump-era border policies has created an utter mess that mainstream leftist media chooses to ignore. 

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