Big Pharma is pushing for a MONTHLY covid shot

Big Pharma is pushing for a MONTHLY covid shot

Can long Covid be cured by a monthly dose of the vaccine? A major British trial is about to find out – after many sufferers said they’d recovered following their jab

  • More than a million Britons are living with lingering problems after coronavirus 
  • British scientists to explore giving long Covid patients monthly doses of vaccine 
  • First stage of study given green light on Friday with human trials to begin in 2021 

Now Big Pharma is pushing for a MONTHLY covid shot, obliterating the false narrative that once claimed a vaccine would earn back your “freedom”

Image: Now Big Pharma is pushing for a MONTHLY covid shot, obliterating the false narrative that once claimed a vaccine would earn back your “freedom”

(Natural News) Millions of people have already been convinced they need an experimental covid-19 vaccine in order to survive and be free in society. Now Big Pharma is getting ready to unveil MONTHLY covid shots for people with chronic health conditions.

British scientists are now pushing for people with lingering health problems to take monthly covid-19 vaccines to “boost” their immune system and help clear out any remaining SARS-CoV-2 reservoirs lingering in their bodies. These “ideal candidates” for routine vaccination already have immunity to the natural infection and even took the initial vaccine protocol, going against all common sense. But these “ideal candidates” for routine vaccination still suffer from chronic health conditions and are now being pushed to take a monthly vaccine to make their “COVID long hauler” symptoms magically go away.

Big Pharma invents new term to cover up underlying causes of disease

The Big Pharma vaccine cartel is looking for new ways to prey on people who already suffer from various chronic health issues. During the covid-19 scandal, millions were convinced that their underlying health issues are the result of covid itself. Big Pharma invented the term “COVID long hauler” to consolidate these various health issues under one umbrella term and to make an infectious disease more than what it really is.

Under the Big Pharma dictatorship, it doesn’t matter anymore what the root cause of the health issue is. People who struggle with fatigue, lethargy, brain fog, loss of drive, shortness of breath, lack of endurance, arthritis, and other health issues can now claim they are a “COVID long-hauler.” Even though these issues are common side effects of pharmaceutical drugs that these people take, the proper diagnosis can be covered up and ignored, allowing the patient to get attention and call themselves a “COVID long hauler.” An infection that is properly treated with nutraceuticals and anti-virals will not typically cause chronic health issues or exacerbate underlying health issues. However, succumbing to stress, isolation, fear, terror, lung damage via ventilators, and immune-compromising pharmaceutical drugs will most definitely have long-lasting negative effects on the mind, the cardiovascular system, the endocrine system, the microbiome, and the immune system.

Underlying causes ignored, as millions of people are coerced to live in ignorance and suffering

The British study reports more than a million Britons are struggling with lingering health problems after recovering from covid-19. There is no indication if these health problems existed prior to the infection, or were undiagnosed prior to hospital admission. Allopathic practitioners often miss the underlying causes of people’s health problems. There is also no indication if these lingering health issues were exacerbated by the stress, isolation, and terror of the lockdowns, bodily controls, and pandemic messaging, or if the health problems are the result of damaging treatments, opportunistic infections, or substandard medical care. No matter what the origin of the health problems are – the British scientists want to line these “COVID long haulers” up for monthly vaccines. Out of the first forty candidates who anticipated relief from the vaccines, some felt their symptoms dissipate in the days following the booster shots, but their condition worsened over time.

By developing and taking advantage of this new term (COVID long hauler), Big Pharma continues to mislead people about the causes of their chronic health issues. This demographic of people is taught to rely on the pharmaceutical industry to address their symptoms, as more side effects manifest. Nevertheless, these people make great candidates for testing out monthly vaccines and other pharmaceutical dependency programs. This demographic rarely addresses the underlying cause of their chronic health problems and are more likely to take the experimental vaccine protocol for covid-19 – even if they already gained immunity through natural infection. These people have not addressed underlying inflammation, cellular oxidation, acidosis, heavy metal poisoning, hormonal imbalance, gut dysbiosis, nutrient and mineral deficiency, among other holistic concerns. Once these issues are addressed, millions of people will break free from their “COVID-long hauler” status and exit the mentality of fear and germaphobia that they have been conditioned to accept.

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