Billy te Kahika and Dr.Rashid Buttar

Billy te Kahika and Dr.Rashid Buttar

More of the anti-lockdown 

protest in Wellington – 14 

January, 2021

I went to a Billy te Kahika rally against the lockdowns at Parliament in Wellington today. It was a great occasion, especially with Dr. Rashid ringing in.

Here is part of the proceedings with a speech by Billy the Kahika and Dr. Rashid Buttar who enunciated 11 points about the vaccine


From my point-of-vew it could have been better organised as I only found out about it by accident in a long video about a week ago. I would have helped to get the word out, on my blog and elsewhere had I had the details.

I am fully cognisant of the social media censorship, especially on Facebook but there are other ways of getting the word out about an important event such as making a FIVE MINUTE video on You Tube. In fact in my experience keeping the message short and pithy can be more effective. There is a place for the longer discussions but I for one don’t have the time or energy for long discussions that often go off into something else. Do I have to listen through an hour or more in the hope of divining some important piece of information. My inclination is doing a big edit but I don’t have time for that.

I did learn something new today, courtesy of RNZ – that I was part of a ragtag group of “ultra- rightists”. Ha ha! Apparently, being concerned with people’s health and human rights is now “ultra Right”.

Who knows? It may be right-wing to sing the National Anthem (or perhaps to sing at all in public) in today’s climate.

Here are some other messages from Dr. Buttar



His You Tube channel is HERE

He also has a channel Telegram, along with Vernon Coleman, Dr. Tenpenny and others.

People are gradually discovering my channel there. 

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