Computer problems

Computer problems

You will, by now know that I have been having difficulties formatting anything on Blogger. Anything I type in just becomes mangled.  So far, it seems to be alright on another computer (touch wood!)

In addition, when I am on Facebook I am locked out every few minutes and made to sign in again. Yesterday I was locked out of my account and made to regenerate YET ANOTHER password.

In a little experiment I tried typing something on Facebook. It was fine until THE VERY SECOND I pressed the button to post it.  The only way I could post something was to type it out in a word processor and copy-and-paste it into Facebook.

For now,  my iPad is unaffected by this and seemingly this computer. It seems that the main computer I work on is compromised. Once they kill my main computer which has a new HD and has recently been checked over  that will be it.

However, with events as they are the internet may go silent (at least for anything other than internet shopping and propaganda) in the near future.

Events are moving at breakneck speed.

One thought on “Computer problems

  1. Yes things seem to be moving realy fast…even thou the world has stopped moving..I read it somewhere … jan 2 2021 all will go back to normal again,we wait follow and see.

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