The media narrative has changed from “conspiracy theory” to blame China game

The media narrative has changed from “conspiracy theory” to blame China game

At the end of January Zero Hedge was permanently suspended from Twitter for DARING to suggest (with quite a lot of evidence) that the novel coronavirus originated in a level 5 bioweapons lab in Wuhan, China.

This was a dangerous “conspiracy theory” that had to be suppressed, a  little like suggestions of a connection between covid19 and 5G.

Now the tables have well-and-truly changed and it has become quite permissible to put forward this thesis.

This was discussed in yesterday’s TruNews podcast.

Now the rhetoric has become inflammatory in a way that the orginal Zero Hedge article did not – without the evidence that ZH produced.

Watch this segment from Australia’s Sky News.

Here are a few headlines that I have picked out from the podcast.

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, one fact is increasingly clear: The Chinese Communist Party caused this crisis.

From the moment the coronavirus emerged in central China, Beijing has acted in a way that made a pandemic possible and then inevitable. It covered up what was happening in Wuhan. It silenced whistleblowers who sought to warn the world. It stole medical supplies from other countries, even while claiming the sickness was no big deal. 

At every stage, the Chinese Communist Party has lied. Now at least 50,000 people have died. And the number is growing by the minute

From the Indian media

As humanity recedes into a global lockdown in its battle against the coronavirus pandemic, the politics of coronavirus marches out in the open, as selfishly and shamelessly as it can. Sooner or later, the pandemic will pass, leaving not only thousands dead but also the norms and ethics of multilateralismin a shambles. The Chinese style of Corona geopolitics suggests a lot of about the post-Corona world order and its lead actors trying to redefine the rules of globalism. Hence, it is essential to understand its nuances of the current happenings with a futuristic eye.

China’s culpability in the spread of the coronavirus pandemic is amply evident in the chronology of corona-related events.

The coronavirus pandemic, in an unexpected but potentially fateful twist, has moved the United States and China a big step closer to a new cold war.

It has strengthened hard-liners in both countries, and political pressures stemming from the pandemic are making it harder for leaders to back away from escalation.

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