BREAKING: Attempted coup in Moscoow

BREAKING: Attempted coup in Moscoow

There are numerous reports of a military Coup d’ etat taking place inside Russia. 

I have taken down Hal Turner’s audio as it takes up a lot of space and is out of date

Military Deploys In Moscow As Wagner Chief Sought For ‘Armed Mutiny’

Update(1815ET): There are now widespread reports and circulating footage of additional armored vehicles deployed by military police units in key parts of Russia, including in Moscow and Rostov regions, with TASS saying they have been ordered to protect government buildings, as speculation that Wagner’s Prigozhin is making real moves against Russian leadership tonight.

The Washington Post is meanwhile recapping the following of reports that authorities are seeking his arrest:

Russia’s Federal Security Service late Friday announced a criminal case against Wagner mercenary chief Yevgeniy Prigozhin, accusing him of “incitement to armed rebellion” after he declared an open conflict with Russia’s military leadership and called on Russians to join 25,000 Wagner fighters against Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and other top commanders.

Footage like the below is widely circulating as beefed up military security deployments have been observed in various places:

Armoured vehicles reported on streets of Moscow

Russian media has confirmed–

“Security measures have been strengthened in Moscow, all the most important facilities, state authorities and transport infrastructure facilities have been taken under enhanced protection,” law enforcement agencies told TASS.

There are claims circulating that the FSB is even calling on Wagner Group’s own fighters to arrest Prigozhin and bring him in to authorities.

An FSB statement has urged Wagner forces to no longer follow his orders.

“We are of the same blood, we are warriors, the enemy is waiting for the internal political situation in the country to worsen, you can’t play into the hands of the enemy”

— Michael A. Horowitz (@michaelh992) June 23, 2023
* * *

Update(1641ET): After months of unchecked, ultra-provocative statements from Prigozhin aimed at both top military commanders as well as Kremlin decision-makers, it seems the Wagner chief may have finally crossed Putin’s lines. It’s being reported in Russian state sources that the Russian president has been briefed on the earlier audio tirade made by Prigozhin, which essentially declared war on the defense ministry. The Wagner statement had been circulated widely after it was posted on Telegram late at night local time.

And now Prigozhin finally appears to be in hot water, under formal investigation for mutiny, per the statement in TASS:

Russia’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee on Friday demanded that Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the private military company Wagner, stop unlawful actions and said the Russian Federal Security Service started a mutiny investigation in connection with his recent statements.

“The statements that are being spread on behalf of Yevgeny Prigozhin are absolutely unfounded. In connection with these statements, the Federal Security Service of Russia has started an investigation into a call for an armed mutiny. We demand that unlawful actions be stopped immediately,” the committee said in a statement.

He’s now saying the audio remarks were merely a call to justice and “march for justice”, denying it is a coup attempt targeting military leadership – so there may be a Wagner attempt underway to walk back the comments.

No, this is not likely to turn into a civil war. It is what in Russia is called ‘razborki’ (gangland warfare)

And it looks like one gang is about to get totally crushed because the other has all the weapons and the security services on their side

Earlier in the day, hours before the remarks saying the country’s military leadership “must be stopped” – Prigozhin had in a surprising turn gone after the very decision to go to war in the first place.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine were not going to attack Russia with the NATO bloc,” Prigozhin had said via his press service in words widely reported also in the West. “The Russian Defense Ministry is deceiving the public and the president.”

This latter part of Friday’s angry denunciations may prove to finally be Prigozhin’s downfall. There are now unverified reports that Moscow is taking extra measures to strengthen security and that the FSB is on high alert.


As for what happens next, at the very least the Kremlin will want to do something concerning the ongoing embarrassment and scandal, reflected in Western media headlines, which can present a narrative of a fracturing of Russian forces…

* * *

There are breaking reports that Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin has finally completely broken off relations with the Russian military, and essentially “declared war” on the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD).

According to a prominent translator who has examined freshly released audio of Prigozhin’s fiery message on Telegram, the Wagner leader begins with: “PMC Wagner Commanders’ Council made a decision: the evil brought by the military leadership of the country must be stopped. They neglect the lives of soldiers. They forgot the word “justice”, and we will bring it back.”

All of this has quickly given way to reports from the region that Prigozhin is ready to lead a full-on “coup” against top leadership, military brass in particular.

The translation of the Wagner founder’s words continue as follows:

Those, who destroyed today our guys, who destroyed tens, tens of thousands of lives of Russian soldiers will be punished. I’m asking: no one resist. Everyone who will try to resist, we will consider them a danger and destroy them immediately, including any checkpoints on our way. And any aviation that we see above our heads.

I’m asking everyone to remain calm, do not succumb to provocations, and remain in their houses. Ideally, those along our way, do not go outside. After we finished what we started, we will return to the frontline to protect our motherland.

⚡️Prigozhin accuses Russian army of attacking Wagner, threatens to respond.

Wagner Group Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin said Russian Defense Ministry attacked the group’s bases in the rear.

“We have 25,000 (soldiers), and we’re going to respond,” he said.

— The Kyiv Independent (@KyivIndependent) June 23, 2023

And more from Prigozhin, suggesting he could indeed have his sights set on an actual political coup:

Presidential authority, Government, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Rosgvardia, and other departments will continue operating as before. We will deal with those who destroy Russian soldiers. And we will return to the frontline. Justice in the Army will be restored. And after this, justice for the whole of Russia.”

One question remains after this: how long will he last?

Below is FT’s Moscow bureau chief on the shocking declaration…

We published this story about what Prigozhin accused the Russian MOD of this morning 40 minutes ago. In that time, he has now claimed the Russian army bombed a Wagner camp and appears to have declared war on the MOD. Just pure madness.

At this point, the Wagner boss should certainly avoid staying in tall buildings and near windows.

Currently, Russian state-run RT has the following military statement pinned at the top of its homepage: Wagner chief spreads misinformation — MOD

“All messages and video distributed on social networks on behalf of [Yevgeny] Prigozhin about the alleged strike by the [Russian military] on the camps of PMC Wagner in the rear areas do not correspond to reality and are an informational provocation,” the defense ministry said in the statement.

“Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue to carry out combat missions on the line of contact with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of the special military operation,” the MoD added.



From Hal Turner


This is BREAKING NEWS as of 4:52 PM eastern US time on Friday, June 23, 2023 — There are numerous reports of a military Coup d’ Etat taking place inside Russia. 

Plan “FORTRESS” to protect vital facilities, jam cellphones, and restrict normal civilian life has been enacted in Southern Russia and in Moscow.  RUMORS OF CIVIL WAR EVERYWHERE!

The fortress plan implies an emergency gathering of police personnel and provides readiness to repel an external attack.

New Army recruits, without much training, are being armed and sent to southern Russia.

Social media is lighting-up with postings calling for military brass to be ousted (and worse) as shown below:

Apparently, the leader of PMC Wagner, Progozhin, posted a public message on social media claiming the Russian Army deliberately fired missiles at camps of the Wagner PMC soldiers, killing several and injuring many.

RUMORS are running wild that Prigozhin is bringing 25,000 of his Wagner troops to Moscow to take out the military leadership of Russia.


Whatever is taking place is happening very fast.   Updates as I get the info.


Reports now surfacing that Russian inter-governmental secure communications systems “ATS-1” and “ATS-2” have been taken offline and are no longer functioing.

  • ATS-1 (“Kremlin”) telephone communications for senior leaders in the offices of heads of Russian Federation ministries and department (first deputy ministers upward), and also some other organs of authority.
  • ATS-2 (“Hotline”) is similar, and is used by deputy ministers, heads of departments and main administrations in important ministries and departments, and a number of other officials at similar levels of responsibility.


Russian spetsnaz is raiding the Wagner Center in downtown Saint Petersburg right now. Local time is almost midnight.


Roadblocks are being set up around Rublyovka outside Moscow. Many Kremlin regime leaders live there.


SHOOTING REPORTED IN MOSCOW “We hear shooting near Moscow’s “Profoyuznaya” metro station.” – Russian opposition Telegram

Special Forces units have arrived to protect the Russian Defense Ministry building in Moscow.

Special Operations Forces (SSO) commanded by Major General Valery Flustikov have taken over control of the Ministry of Defence headquarters on Frunzenskaya in Moscow. Right now, there’s no way of knowing whose side he is really on: Shoigu or Prigozhin. Probably “wait & see.”


According to my former colleagues within the Intelligence Community, MoD reserve units, separate military units, RF Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, FSO and RU Guard in Moscow were PLACED ON ALERT a day and a half ago, as information was received about the preparation of an armed attack on government facilities inside Moscow.

It is looking right now as though an actual Coup d’ Etat is being ATTEMPTED in Russia.

If it is the ultra-hardliners doing this, and IF they succeed, nuclear missiles are likely to fly as early as tonight.

The ultra-hardliners inside Russia have long ago had enough of the United States, NATO, and Ukraine.  They believe Russia has been far too restrained and this situation calls for overwhelming military attacks to put an end to it.

If Putin is ousted, expect the missiles to fly as early as tonight.


FSB with the support of SOBR spetsnaz units is setting up roadblocks all over the highway linking Moscow-Voronezh-Rostov.


The Russian National Guard appears to already begun its Deployment in the Rostov Region of Southwestern Russia with Armored Vehicles and BTRs reportedly being seen in Locations across the City.




Russian sources report that 2 Wagner PMC military convoys that are each dozens of kilometers long are heading into Rostov from Russian-occupied Ukraine (Donetsk). Russian border guards are letting them through even though the border was ordered closed.

Yevgeny Prigozhin of Wagner PMC has issued a public statement to Russians “Go to the streets. We will find weapons.” The leader of Wagner promised to “rid Russia of this weak government overnight.”


An emergency security plan is reported to have been activated in Moscow in response to Yevgeny Prigozhin’s ‘rebellion’, according to a source in the Russian security forces. An imminent attack on Moscow appears to be anticipated.

“We urge Wagner group fighters not to carry out criminal and traitorous orders of Prigozhin, but to take steps to apprehend him” Russia’s FSB says- Via Interfax


Lukashenko getting out off Dodge?…

Business jet of Belarussian President Lukashenko’s family took off from Minsk at 00:01.


In Moscow, all police & all Ministry of Internal Affairs officers, if off-duty, have been called to their duty stations.


All RosGvardia officers of the Central Military District have been summoned to their units on high alert in the middle of the night.

RosGvardia reports directly to Putin, not the Ministry of Defense.


VERY, VERY CURIOUSLY. . .  A NUMBER OF B52s were launched from US earlier today and air refueling tankers are now on the border of Ukraine.

If it goes down, they will penetrate Ukraine airspace to refuel the B52s    –    and would likely be shot down by Russia upon entering Ukraine air space.

All things considered, the way things are presently going, tonight might be the last “normal” day for the rest of our lives.

Coverage from WarNews24/7 is HERE

Take special note

Top Russian general sends message to ’mutinous’ Wagner PMC

Sergey Surovikin has called on its fighters to stand down
Top Russian general sends message to ’mutinous’ Wagner PMC

Deputy commander of the Russian Joint Forces, General Sergey Surovikin, asked on Friday the fighters of the private military company Wagner Group to stop their “rebellion” against Moscow.

In a short video message released on social media, Surovikin said he had just returned from the front, where Russian forces were standing their ground against the Ukrainian offensive.

“I appeal to the fighters and commanders of the PMC Wagner,” Surovikin said, still wearing his fatigues. “We have walked a difficult road together. We fought together, took risks together, suffered losses together, and won together. We are of the same blood. We are warriors. I urge you to stop. The enemy is just waiting for the internal political situation to worsen. We should not play into the enemy’s hands in these difficult times for our country.”

He urged Wagner troops to submit to the lawfully elected authorities “before it is too late,” return to their barracks and address their grievances peacefully.

Earlier on Friday, Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin accused the Russian military of targeting one of the company’s field camps in a rocket attack and killing “many fighters,” vowing to march on Moscow and deal with those responsible and warning the military to stay out of his way.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Prigozhin’s accusations “did not correspond to the truth” and were an “information provocation.” According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been briefed about the situation involving Prigozhin and Wagner, and all the necessary measures are being taken.

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced on Friday that it had opened an investigation into Prigozhin for allegedly “calling for an armed rebellion.” The crime is punishable by 12-20 years in prison.

Surovikin, an air force general, was put in charge of the operation in Ukraine in October 2022, overseeing  a major redeployment in the Kherson Region. In January this year, he became a deputy to General Valery Gerasimov, head of the Russian General Staff and current commander of the operation.

Ukraine attempts to retake Artyomovsk after Prigozhin ‘provocation’ – MOD

Kiev is concentrating troops for an offensive, the Russian ministry claims

Kiev is concentrating troops in an attempt to retake the key Donbass city of Artyomovsk, known as Bakhmut in Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense has announced.

According to the ministry, Ukrainian units are “taking advantage of [Wagner chief Evgeny] Prigozhin’s provocation aimed at disorganizing the situation.”

“Servicemen from the Southern group are suppressing the enemy with artillery and aviation strikes,” the statement added.

RT is covering this HERE

RT livestream here:

What western media is saying




From Indian media

Russia accuses mercenary boss of mutiny after he says Moscow killed 2,000 of his men | WION LIVE

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