Bringing you the important news is not getting any easier

Bringing you the important news is not getting any easier

I am struggling against the odds right now.

First there is my health. I am constantly exhausted, very dizzy and often feel nausea, so it has been very difficult to keep my mind on the job – and the heat doesn’t help.

Then there are technical difficulties that I put down not to coincidence but to artificial intelligence and algorthims that make my life very difficult.

A few weeks ago I got a geek in to fix my computer because I was unable to sign into Rumble and I could not access my old Blogspot site at all, He told me that the computer was completely out of storage – something that has not been a problem since I did a spring clean and got rid of some files. 

On the very day I started getting messages that I had no storage on my iPad which I use to collect material.

I removed some apps and large files such as movies.

However, despite that, every day I get messages that tell me there is no storage. 

Since then I have had apps crashing on me and I have to restart to get any functionality back.  It has reached the stage where the simplest things won’t work and today when I went into a computer shop they could not sign in to their shop wi-fi.

It got so bad that I decided that it was time to ditch Apple with its Siri, iCloud and the constant interference, all designed to make me upgrade and spend more money.

I have bought a new tablet, a Samsung Tab-S-6 Lite which appears to be free (hopefully) of the constant interference and see if that makes my life any easier.

If anyone has any spare cash in these difficult times to help me with this fairly major expenditure I would be grateful.

I must admit that I am being ground down by all the difficulties that are put my way in getting the truth out and need to take more time to put my feet up and move from what I have been for the last 10 years – a news service specialising in information the media and the powers-that-be don’t want you to know and just post all the daily news to my Telegram account and reserve this blog for what is most urgent and important.

I encourage you to sign up to my Telegram account, something that you need a cellphone for on a one-time basis.

3 thoughts on “Bringing you the important news is not getting any easier

  1. hi robin, i met ger.+ l. in S.I. 4days ago! have my own health issues (Hg-pois., amalgam etc) i recommend: / testing for (HM)-poisoning, special tests requiered!!!/ consider or test microwavewapons Barrie Trower/ get in touch for deeper exchange. your work is top. all the best.

  2. Greetings Robin!

    It’s nice to know there are readers, such as the two above, who care enough about your situation to voice their concern.

    Myself and my dear friend, whom I’ve mentioned numerous times in my comments in the past since you started your present site, have been aware for some time, through your posts, the difficulties you face, with your equipment and your work and with your health, and as well the financial straits you must navigate for survival. Much of this awareness goes back to the time of your old website with the sky-blue background.

    My friend and I as aging seniors are older than you, each with a government pension income that works out on an hourly basis to about a little over one half that of the Canadian minimum wage. Obviously things are continually getting tighter with the unstoppable spiraling inflation, but we know how to manage our resources. Thus from time to time we chip in when we have a little extra, and my friend then does the sending to you of a small (very token) assistance. To which you usually respond to him with thanks, and thus we know it reached you.

    We’ve both felt that in your time of need, which naturally has to be of an ongoing nature, what would be best for you is to have a generous benefactor appear who really understands the importance of your work during these special times of *civilizational change.*.

    We have a suggestion as to how such a personage might suddenly appear for you, but more on that another time.

    Among other things you mention in your post above: First, on equipment, apps, matters of storage, minimizing and even reducing usage of space on your devices and machines (he and I, we have all Apple stuff, but never use the cloud; and never never use Google) — we are not geeks, but my friend especially seems to have an inborn facility as a troubleshooting fix-it-as-much-as-possible do-it-yourselfer (not perfect, but can go a fair distance) and he has some information to offer, including on special apps (but not here in this comment).

    His facility extends to other areas of life, including healing (and if he’s not the one doing it, or the facilitating of it, then knows where one can go for capable practitioners or for information; again not on absolutely every problem, but any success will depend on the individual’s situation, i.e., on a case-by-case basis.

    He has a good foot in the door to ‘seeing’ the past, present and future through dreams and signs, (but only as they come offered from outside of his personal volition and desire, i.e., he has no control over them, apart from reading them). He also has other means to investigate areas of life usually closed to ordinary perception. And as mentioned in previous of my comments, he can examine an individual’s astrological chart, provided the required birth data is available to use.

    The entire world is currently undergoing an extremely trying passage through difficult times, but there are ways to lessen the stress, sleep well and maintain or improve health —- and thus still (quietly and secretly) enjoy life.

    If you wish to respond to my comment, may I respectfully suggest you email me through my address which you have, while including your own, and I will have my friend write you with some helpful considerations concerning your situation as you’ve outlined above in your post. I truly feel a highly constructive exchange is possible between you and my friend. What you both have in common is a strong urge to search for the truth within any subject of inquiry. And he himself has always been without worldly ambition(s).

    Please take care, and stay safe !


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