Bubomic plague in Inner Mongolia

Bubomic plague in Inner Mongolia

This, along with an engineered pandemic, plagues of locusts, 

ebola in Africa has a distinctly biblical feel about it.

Bubonic plague outbreak in 

Inner Mongolia

Chinese public health officials urged travellers to the rural areas and grassland 

in Inner Mongolia to step up personal protections after a city in the autonomous 

region reported a case of bubonic plague over the weekend.

People should not get close to or eat wild animals, nor camp in the grassland 

overnight, said Pang Xinghuo, vice-director of the Beijing Centre for Disease 

Prevention and Control, told a news conference on Monday.

Anyone who runs a temperature should report his or her travel history to the 

grassland or any contact with wild animals to doctors, Pang urged.

She also reminded doctors and nurses to familiarise themselves with the 

symptoms of the plague and to strengthen their patient inquiries to trace any 

travel history for “accurate and timely diagnosis and handling”.


A 15 year-old boy has died of bubonic plague in Mongolia, according to the 

country’s health ministry.

The National Centre for Zoonotic Diseases (NCZD) said the teenager from the 

western province of Govi-Altai had died from eating marmot meat.

A quarantine has now been put in place on five districts in the province, which 

shares a border with China.

“The result of a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test revealed on Monday night 

that bubonic plague caused the death of a 15-year-old boy,” Dorj Narangerel, a 

spokesperson for the health ministry, told a press conference.


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has warned “against all but 

essential international travel” to Mongolia. This comes as the Chinese region of 

Inner Mongolia confirmed a case of suspected bubonic plague on Saturday.

As a result, the city of Bayan Nur’s health committee issued an alert in a bid to 

contain the outbreak.

The third-level alert bans the hunting and eating of animals that could possibly 

carry the plague.

It also asks that the public report any sick or dead marmots in the area.

The FCO said: “There have been isolated incidents of bubonic plague in some 

areas of Mongolia, plague is caught by consuming marmot meat.

The meat is a delicacy in some rural areas although it is illegal to hunt for 

marmot in Mongolia.

In travelling through rural areas [in Mongolia], you should avoid marmot meat 

and take precautionary actions on bubonic plague.”

Last November, four cases of the plague were reported from Inner Mongolia.

Two of the people were infected with pneumonic plague which is reportedly a 

deadlier case of the plague.


Think (even during a lockdown for covid-19 this can’t come to you?


This dates back to late last year. Pneumonic plague is considered a more severe type of bubonic plague

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