***BULLETIN*** Russian Federation Council (Senate) to Vote on “MOBILIZATION” Tomorrow; Defense Minister Shoigu to Address the Russian Nation Tonight

***BULLETIN*** Russian Federation Council (Senate) to Vote on “MOBILIZATION” Tomorrow; Defense Minister Shoigu to Address the Russian Nation Tonight

Terrible developments are taking place in Russia with horrifying implications for the world. Tomorrow, the Russian Federation Council, their version of a Senate, will vote on, among other things, MOBILIZATION and Martial Law.  President Putin and Defense Minister Shoigu is to make a televised address to the Russian nation tonight.

White House National Security Advisor Sullivan has just now confirmed they are aware that Russia is considering (war) mobilization.

Meanwhile, NATO Headquarters in Brussels seems to be finally realizing they have already gone too far with their “aid” to Ukraine.  Today, the chairman of the NATO military committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, said that “despite the supply of weapons to Ukraine and financial assistance to it, the alliance is not at war with Russia.”

(HT Remark: Really?  Sounds like a case of saying too little, too late.   After the things that NATO has done, Russia already has a Casus Belli to blast them all to hell.)

In both the Luhansk and Donetsk areas, a public Referendum about asking Russia to Annex their territories to become part of Russia is already being set up.  Luhansk & Donetsk want immediate referendums to join Russian Federation! Russian-backed officials announced planned referendums for Sept. 23-27 in the Luhansk, Donetsk,  and — just announced — Kherson and Zaporizhzhia provinces, representing around 15% of Ukrainian territory or an area about the size of Hungary.

If they vote to join Russia, and if Russia passes legislation accepting their ascension into Russia, then those territories will become “Russia” and what NATO is presently doing by helping Ukraine  attack those places, will become a “war against Russia.” Hence, the vote by the Russian state Duma, tomorrow, about MOBILIZATION.

Jens Stoltenberg of NATO, has already, today, publicly stated that NATO will “not accept” the annexation of Luhansk and Donetsk into Russia . . .  as if he or NATO has any say in the matter at all.  This was echoed by Jake Sullivan at the White House who said Washington and its allies would reject any such referendums, which he said would bring Russia no benefits on the battlefield.

Step-by-step, the world is moving toward actual World War 3.  Lest anyone doubt that, earlier today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said publicly “The time is coming hard, the war with NATO will be protracted. Billboards with the popularization of Suvorov and Nakhimov schools should replace the posters of the Pugachevs and Galkins. And jesters and minstrels will not be translated in Russia. Just do not make a cult out of them, and then they will become just entertainment, and not a tool for throwing yeast into the flour mass.”

Clarification of Lavrov’s remarks above, “Billboards with the popularization of Suvorov and Nakhimov schools should replace the posters of the Pugachevs and Galkins. . . .” apparently means “Billboards that support Infantry and naval schools (Suvorov and Nakhimov) should replace popular media types against the war.”

Pugachev was a rebel and Czar impersonator during the early 18th century.
Galkin could be an actor.
Sovorov was a military commander during the late 18th century. He won the war against Poland (Poland was eliminated in the result) and won two wars against Turkey (Crimea was wrestled from the Turks, territories in the Caucasus were occupied, Russia became protector of all Orthodox Christians in the Ottoman Empire and the Ottoman Empire was close to be divided between Russia and Austria)

Nakhimov was the greatest Russian admiral of all times, circum-navigating the globe, taking part in the Greek War of Independence, burning the Turkish fleet during the Crimean War, leading all land and sea forces during the siege of Sevastopol.

In addition, Russian President Vladimir Putin is holding a meeting with ALL of Russia’s “Military-Industrial-Complex” in the Hall of Catherine the Great, inside the Kremlin as seen in the photo below:



The nationwide address by Russian President Putin has been delayed until tomorrow.    Russian media TROLLED the world saying (sarcastically, we hope) “World War 3 has been postponed until tomorrow.”


Step-by-step, the world is actually moving . . . deliberately . . . toward World War 3.   The next few days seem critical.  It does not look good.

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